Samsung’s new M8 monitor has a built-in smart home hub

Samsung is coming to CES with two top-of-the-line monitors aimed at a very different audience. As The Verge notes, the company is starting things with the M8 Smart Monitor. The 32-inch 4K screen offers TV functionality like its predecessors, but now includes a SmartThings hub to control compatible smart home devices directly from your screen. It’s also more convenient for video chats thanks to the included SlimFit magnetic webcam that you can use with Google Duo and other apps.

The M8 can also serve as a platform for (as yet unnamed) game streaming services, along with support for a wireless gamepad. More details are approaching the launch, Samsung said. The workspace also folds Microsoft 365 and other cloud productivity services into one space.

Samsung did not mention the price or release date for the Smart Monitor M8. Although smaller than the 43-inch M7 (usually $ 600), the features of the smart home and webcam can keep the price relatively high.


However, the second screen could cost less than previous models. Samsung also introduced a 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 gaming monitor that should be far smaller than the 49-inch Neo G9, while maintaining a pronounced 1000R curve, mini-LED technology, a refresh rate of 240Hz and a peak brightness of 2000 nits. It even jumps to 4K resolution – this is the first 4K monitor that supports 240Hz and a pixel response time of 1ms, claims Samsung. Support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro should keep artifact tearing to a minimum.

The price or delivery date for the Odyssey Neo G8 is not mentioned. Given the reduction in size, it will not be surprising if the screen costs less than 2,500 USD G9, even with the increase in resolution.

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