Samsung is dropping its great DeX app for Mac

Samsung has confirmed that it will drop support for its official DeX app for Mac (and Windows 7) in January.

The move means that owners of Galaxy smartphones will no longer be able to connect their device to a macOS machine to turn it into a desktop computer running Android. However, the great DeX function alone leads nowhere.

DeX for macOS will die next year

While DeX hasn’t taken off much – largely due to a lack of third-party support – it’s a great feature. It turns a compatible Samsung Galaxy device into a desktop, by simply connecting it to a monitor.

DeX gives you the right desktop interface, with support for window applications, and runs almost anything you’ve installed on your smartphone – including games. It also works with a keyboard and mouse, just like any other desktop.

Samsung’s Mac and Windows apps have made using DeX a little easier as they allow you to use this feature on an existing machine via USB-Ca, instead of connecting your phone directly to a monitor and other peripherals.

But unfortunately for Mac fans using the Galaxy device, the DeX app is dying.

You have until January

“We are discontinuing support for Samsung DeX for Mac OS in January 2022,” reads a new pop-up that appears within the DeX for Mac app. “You can still use Samsung DeX if it’s already installed, but there will be no customer support or updates.”

Windows 7 also starts.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

If you already have DeX installed and plan to continue using it, then make sure you don’t accidentally remove it. And if you don’t have DeX installed and may want to use it in the future, download it now before it disappears.

The good news is that the DeX feature itself leads nowhere, so you can continue to use it by connecting your phone to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard – which actually provides an easier experience – if needed.

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