‘Safari feels faster with two Mac Pro’s’ [Setups]

You see, a lot of people get caught up in each other for “bending over” or bragging about their computer settings shown in social media posts. Today we came across a doozy with a double screen bathed in cool colors. But it’s not really about dual luxury screens; many people have it. It’s about two expensive Mac Pro stored under the table.

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Two Mac Pro

Turns out the Redditor guys didn’t actually buy two new Mac Pros – they did start at 6 thousand dollars per piece and can cost several times more – but one from work stopped working as needed so they got a replacement. Obviously both work, but are not used in tandem. One will be returned.

“I got my second Mac Pro from work because the first one is in a hurry. I don’t use them exactly as a cluster, although it’s fun to watch and definitely tempting, ”typealias said in response to the comment. The post states that they work for Oculus, and you can see the virtual reality headphones next to the HomePod in the photo.

Their announcement reads: “Safari feels faster with two Mac Pros”, which they said “they mostly intended this to be a joke announcement”. Pay attention to the title. Yes, completing a mission to Mars would be faster with two Mac Pros. Using Apple’s browser would also seem pretty quick.

Video: The Mac Pro and the new M1 Pro Max MacBook agree with each other

Redditor has lowered the video below into comments on the post. Worth a look. It does a remarkable job of comparing the $ 3,500 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro with 32GB of integrated memory to the recent, rather cheated $ 15,000 Mac Pro with 192GB of RAM. The MacBook doesn’t win every direct comparison, but it wins most of them – some by a mile. And it works while running on battery.

LG UltraGear screens

The two monitor aliases they use with their gorgeous Macs are the 27-inch LG 27GP950 UltraGear 4K screens. They offer a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and operate at a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

“ProMotion on the iPhone and the new MacBook Pro spoiled me, and I can’t go back to 60Hz without seeing the stuttering scroll,” they said.

Cold wash light

The Typealias get the look of the lighting in the photo mostly from the monitors themselves. They have an RGB light ring on the back.

“UltraGear monitors have an RGB ring on the back with a few preset settings, where the lighting comes from,” they said. “There are more advanced options such as using biased lighting (based on the current content on the screen) if you’re using Windows or have the patience to hack some Python scripts for macOS / Linux.”

Audio equipment, carriers and more

Commentators were intrigued by the pseudonym mounting techniques with two monitors for LG displays and a low profile Elgato for the Shure MB7 USB microphone, which is used in conjunction with the reliable Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones. Typealias even gave the scheme as well as the photo below.

Rear mount view for dual typealias monitor. This photo also shows the Awair Element indoor air quality monitor and clock.
Photo: [email protected]

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