Rumor has it that the iPad Pro with a horizontal rear camera and a landscape Apple logo is under construction

A new rumor claims that the future iPad Pro could have a horizontal rear camera layout and an Apple landscape logo on the back, as part of Apple’s alleged attempt to promote the use of the “iPad Pro” in landscape orientation, rather than in portrait.

Rumors originally from Dylanddkt claims that a future version of the ‌iPad Pro‌ will include an updated design consisting of a horizontal camera look, instead of the current vertical camera design, and an Apple landscape logo on the back. Dylanddkt, whose results so far have not yet been fully established in terms of a wealth of past information about upcoming Macs, said he could not fully say when these design changes would be announced, but said it was “in preparation”.

In recent years, Apple has begun promoting its senior iPad Pro as a replacement for a laptop when equipped with a keyboard. Currently, the logo on the back of the Magic Keyboard is in a landscape position, so Apple might simply wish to bring the “iPad Pro” to parity with its accessories. In addition, the Apple boot logo displayed on iPadOS is now also in a horizontal position.

If Apple moves forward with a slight rotation of the logo on the back, it could also mean that Face ID, which is currently built into the shortest top frame, could be moved to the longer side to further promote the “iPad Pro” as a device that should be used in landscape.

Bloomberg reported that the 2022 “iPad Pro” will have an updated glass back that could allow reverse wireless charging for devices like the iPhone or AirPods, as well as wireless charging for the “iPad Pro” itself. Apple last updated the ‌iPad Pro‌ last April with an M1 chip and a 12.9-inch mini-LED display, but the design of the ‌iPad Pro‌ has not changed since the 2018 significant redesign.

Below, Apple intends to further blur the boundaries between the iPad and the laptop, and is reportedly exploring sizes more extensive than the current 12.9 inches. The future of the “iPad” remains largely bleak, largely due to Apple’s decision to implement the “M1” chip, designed for Apple’s silicone Macs, into the “iPad Pro” and what this means for the future of the product category.

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