Rockstar apologizes for the broken GTA remasters and promises to fix the bugs

Rockstar Games apologizes for the poor quality . He plans to fix “unexpected technical problems” and improve three games in the collection.

“We want to sincerely apologize to anyone who has encountered problems playing these games,” he said. “Updated versions of these classic games have not been launched in a condition that meets our quality standards or the standards our fans expected.” The first update should arrive in the coming days and it will “solve a number of problems”.

It didn’t take long for players to start sharing snippets of bugs and omissions on social media after the remastered collection GTA III, GTA: Vice City i Gta: san andreas arrived last week. dived deep into GTA III and found that there are “problems that are so obvious, disturbing and ridiculous, that it’s hard to understand how the game went through quality control.”

Moreover, Rockstar “removed some data files that were inadvertently included in new versions of these games” from the package shortly after launch (they are believed to include files related to the infamous ). The collection was available for purchase again. Rockstar Launcher services were also unavailable for more than a day, making up the collection and PC versions Grand Theft Auto Online i Red Dead Online it is not possible to play during that time.

Shortly after Rockstar removed the original versions of the games from digital shop windows for the trilogy in October. Now, the classic versions GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas they return to the PC as a package in the Rockstar Store. Players who purchase the remastered trilogy on PC by June 30 will receive the originals at no additional cost.

Rockstar, meanwhile, has asked everyone to refrain from attacking developers on social media. “We would kindly ask our community to maintain a respectful and civic discourse about this issue as we work on these issues,” it said. Grove Street Games, which stands behind the ports of several other Rockstar titles, has been working on these remasters.

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