‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ brings the car football game to iOS

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The high-octane sports game “Rocket League Sideswipe” has appeared on iOS, and the title in automotive football is coming to small screens around the world after it has existed on consoles and PCs for years.

The mobile version of the main game “Rocket League”, “Sideswipe”, takes over the basic concept of rocket-powered cars that play football, but simplifies it. Instead of requiring players to deal with three dimensions, “Sideswipe” is a side game in which players deal with only two.

Lightly respecting the rules of football, teams must hammer the ball into the opponent’s goal, while defending their own. However, instead of humans, the game uses rocket cars, allowing them to increase speed, jump and fly into the air.

Although facilitated for mobile gaming, the game still offers the same aerial acrobatic maneuvers as its full-fat counterpart, with tweaks made to service games on the touch screen and using a Bluetooth controller. There are also private options for match and competition modes, as well as a global leaderboard.

Users can also customize their vehicle, just like the main version, with unlockable accessories that can be earned over time. “Rocket Pass” will offer more customization options that can be earned for a fee, and will become available after the “pre-season” launch period.

Psyonix launched the game at the regional level in late November, and has now made it available in all areas.

Requiring iOS or iPadOS 11.0 or later, “Rocket League Sideswipe” is a free game.

Coming to iOS has been a long wait, as “Rocket League” can be played on big consoles and PCs for a while now. While on Windows, developer Psyonix discontinued support for macOS in March 2020, forcing players to switch to other platforms or play the game on a Mac without any online functionality.

Psyonix bought Epic Games in 2019, a company that sparked outrage from Apple and withdrew its “Fortnite” game from the App Store due to disagreements in developer policy. Despite the court ruling that is decisive in favor of Apple, the legal dispute will continue for some time.

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