Review of AirPods 3 Reviews: Sounds great!

The first wave of AirPods 3 reviews has just come out, and is full of good news for those considering Apple’s latest truly wireless headphones. The sound quality is commendable, as is the battery life. But reviewers don’t seem so happy about the lack of active noise cancellation. And some would prefer silicone ear tips.

Read on for specific comments from AirPods 3 reviewers.

AirPods 3 sound quality

Let’s start with the sound quality because you won’t care about the design if you don’t like the sound. Fortunately, there is good news.

Tim Gideon from PCMag He said: “Simply put, the new AirPods offer balanced, clear sound with a firm anchor in the low and a definition in the high.”

Todd Hasselton from CNBC he spoke of “beautiful rich deep bass and balanced sound. When it was quiet at home, I often thought I was still carrying a $ 249 AirPods Pro. ”

But you may not want to throw out your old headphones yet. BuzzFeed NewsKatie Notopoulos wrote, “AirPods 3 sound better than AirPods 2, but if you’re not an audiophile, the difference may not be significant.”

Surround sound is… OK

A feature that sets the third-generation version apart from its predecessor is the surround sound. This offers a surround sound experience with just two headphones.

Brian Heater from TechCrunch He spoke about the advantages in the real world, saying: “Meanwhile, surround sound is a great feature. In a multi-person FaceTime call, their votes are assigned locations based on where their boxes are in the call. ”

But, in general, reviewers do not sound impressed. PCMag He said: “In the worst case, this function is harmless and easy to turn off, and in the best case, the effect is somehow cool. But we have yet to find a better use for Spatial Audio than turning around in a chair so that it sounds like music is moving around our heads. ”

AirPods 3 compared to AirPods Pro

AirPods 3 does not come with removable silicone tips AirPods Pro. Brian Heater from TechCruch not a fan, who says, “The more contoured buds of the third generation are undoubtedly more comfortable than their predecessors, but the gap between them and professionals seems like night and day.”

CNBC ‘reviewer said: “I think AirPods Pro are more comfortable because I like rubber earbuds, but I wore these [AirPods 3] many hours without any problems. ”

Almost all reviewers missed the active noise cancellation in AirPods 3 after a long use of AirPods Pro. But they also pointed out that with $ 179, AirPods 3 costs $ 70 less – which makes the Pro model almost 40% more expensive.

On the other hand, the third generation AirPods surpassed the AirPods Pro in battery life. “Battery life is really good,” he wrote CNBC. “Apple promises six hours of music before you have to put the AirPods back in the box for another charge, and that’s close to what I got.” It’s better than all previous AirPods headphones, no matter the price.

AirPods 3 vs. AirPods 2

A noticeable difference between the latest version and AirPods 2 is the shorter mounts. Katie Notopoulos from BuzzFeed News I like the updated design. “They are less likely to get out when you put on or take off a face mask,” she wrote.

AirPods 2 remain in Apple’s product line for $ 129. But the case they come in does not offer practical wireless charging. The charging case for AirPods 3, by contrast, offers Apple’s enhanced form of wireless charging – now with magnets. The Verge The reviewer wrote: “Apple says the new AirPods case is designed to work with the company’s MagSafe chargers. And for sure, it clings to a circular MagSafe charging pad with the same perfect alignment as the iPhone 12 or 13. ”

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