Review: Mujjo’s iPhone 13 leather wallet case

Mujjo has been producing high quality iPhone cases for ten years and they have been a long-standing favorite for many of us at 9to5Mac. But with MagSafe on modern iPhones, does it make sense to take a wallet case without a magnet? Read on for a closer look at the Mujjo iPhone 13 leather wallet case and why it still offers a compelling experience.

Specifications of leather case for iPhone 13 Mujjo

  • Slim cut and sharp design
  • Completely wrapped in premium full grain leather
  • Carry up to 3 cards
  • Microfiber lined interior
  • Available in black, blue and tan
  • 2 year warranty

Materials and construction

Continuing its decade-long tradition, the latest Mujjo cases for iPhone 13 are of high quality and classy. From the full leather that is soft from the box to the precise seam for the thin wallet on the back, it is made to last.

If you haven’t used the Mujjo case before, they’re almost as thin as Apple’s official leather cases. One difference when it comes to overall construction is that Mujjo uses leather for the side and volume keys, while Apple uses metal.

Apple leather case + MagSafe wallet left, Mujjo leather wallet case right

In terms of thickness, Mujjo is significantly thinner compared to Apple’s leather case plus MagSafe Leather Wallet.

Mujjo offers a generous cut of the Lightning port so that even third-party cables fit seamlessly. Meanwhile, Mujjo uses a larger cutout around the iPhone’s quiet side switch, making it easier to turn on and off than with Apple’s case.

Traditional handbags for wallets in the MagSafe world

Okay, elephant in the room, no MagSafe support with Mujjo. Let’s first talk about Apple’s MagSafe Wallet experience, and then dive into what you get / give up with Mujjo.

I’ve been using Apple’s leather case and MagSafe leather wallet for about a year. It’s great to keep MagSafe functionality, but that means you have to remove your wallet whenever you want to use MagSafe for something other than your wallet.

Another drawback of Apple’s MagSafe Wallet is that you largely have to remove your wallet from your iPhone every time you need to remove a card.

On the other hand, the Mujjo wallet case for iPhone 13 offers much easier access to your cards, while retaining a slimmer profile. Although you don’t have built-in support for MagSafe, the need to remove the case to use MagSafe isn’t that different from removing Apple’s MagSafe wallet.

Mujjo leather wallet case for iPhone 13 pack

While it may seem like a hassle at first that Mujjo Leather Wallet Case doesn’t have support for MagSafe, when you stop thinking about Apple’s MagSafe Wallet experience (and really any other iPhone wallet) there’s some giving and taking.

I think if you appreciate the thinnest iPhone wallet and take out your cards often, the Mujjo Leather iPhone Case is a great choice.

Another advantage with Mujjo is that you get a holster and wallet for $ 50 ($ 55 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max) while paying ~ $ 100 for Apple’s leather case and MagSafe Wallet.

You can download Mujjo’s iPhone 13 Leather Wallet case on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members or directly from the company with a 25% discount until November 29 – use the code “# 25off”At the box office.

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