Review Mophie Snap + PowerStation Stand: a battery with many tricks

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The Mophie Snap + Powerstation Stand is a multifunctional battery pack designed for your new iPhone in mind.

This new 10,000 mAh battery has several great tricks that make it a valuable addition, including a stand-up stand, a magnetic connection, and even a tripod mount. More on those cool tricks for a moment, but first, let’s talk about the primary function – the battery.

Top solution

This battery belongs to the premium end of the Mophie line and borrows aesthetics from existing Snap + batteries.

It is wrapped in a gray canvas-like material with rubberized sides. There is a stand that rotates at the back and is closed by a strong magnet. It takes a good pull to release it. The hinge is quite firm, so it does not move at all – open or closed.

USB-C input and output

With a capacity of 10K, this is enough to charge an iPhone, which should take you through a weekend of average use, depending on how you charge it. You can charge any device using a USB-C port, such as an iPhone or AirPods using a Lightning to USB-C cable. You can also quickly charge the new Apple Watch Series 7 with the included USB-C pack.

That USB-C port is also a battery port. There is no Qi input, which is fine as it can be frustratingly slow as a high capacity battery input like this. USB-C, since it is almost universal, is an ideal input here because there is only one port, so it must be used for input and output. You cannot charge the battery via USB-C while charging your iPhone via USB-C.

With the USB-C port on one side, there is one power button on the opposite side. It is located next to a quartet of tiny LEDs that act as typical indicators of battery capacity. Each light represents approximately 25% of the charge. Two lights mean you have approximately 50% of the remaining battery.

Mophie has tricks up her sleeve

Plug in your phone to keep an eye on Twitter

Plug in your phone and watch your Twitter content

In addition to USB-C, users have another option to power their devices. That would be through Qi. The Snap + PowerStation stand has a Qi wireless output, surrounded by a ring of magnets. This is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 that support MagSafe or any other Qi device with Mophie Snap adapters.

MagSafe compatible magnets not only help while using it as a stand, but also ensure proper alignment to get the most efficient charge.

We don’t usually like to put Qi outputs on batteries. Qi is notoriously inefficient, and when you’re already limited to the capacity you carry with you, charging over Qi can quickly reduce maximum energy use. The Qi is great with a dedicated base station or charger, but you don’t have excess power on the battery.

MagSafe – ie official MagSafe – is theoretically more efficient than Qi, but this is not it. Here we are fine with MagSafe because it is necessary for the stand aspect.

Use it as a stand for watching movies

Use it as a stand for watching movies

Using this magnetic carrier, you can easily support your phone as a mini docking station, such as an active Twitter feed, or to watch movies and TV more easily. Hold your phone at a large angle. This also can’t be a better companion for airplane rides where you need to maintain the battery, want to watch some videos, and don’t have a good place to set up your phone.

Take great photos with a tripod mount

Take a photo with Khalid

My favorite trick though is for photography. This battery has a standard 1/4 inch-20 tripod socket. It can be connected to any tripod to take photos, videos and selfies that you might not otherwise get. You can connect it to a tripod, join a group and launch your iPhone using the accompanying camera app on the Apple Watch.

Should You Buy a Mophie Snap + PowerStation Stand?

Several batteries have this range. We have support for MagSafe, a built-in stand, a solid 10K battery capacity, tripod threads and USB-C.

It’s not the smallest battery – especially in the 10K mAh range – but there are enough features here to make this the perfect travel battery, or even just a desk stand that can come with you when needed.

The tripod holder is great

We like the built-in tripod bracket

We like the tripod support and we applaud Mophie for doing something a little different with quite solid features and good build quality.

  • MagSafe compatible Qi charger
  • Soft canvas finish
  • Strongly integrated stand
  • USB-C input / output
  • Tripod mounting
  • Qi charging is not as efficient and consumes energy
  • Great for capacity
  • No real MagSafe charging

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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