Review: Apple’s updated MagSafe wallet is visually identical, but hides wonderful new features

I liked the original MagSafe wallet that Apple introduced last year with the iPhone 12, but it lacked something obvious: Find My compatibility. Something like a wallet, especially one that sticks to the back of the phone that you push into and out of your pocket, needs some sort of protection against failure in case it gets lost. There was nothing you could do before. But the new MagSafe wallet introduced with the iPhone 13 solves these problems and helps justify its high price.

Although the new MagSafe wallets look and feel like the previous ones, they work differently when connected to an iPhone. In addition to the new colors for fall, the wallet is now paired with your iPhone similar to AirPods or Apple Watch. When you first plug one into your iPhone, it launches the now-traditional white modal card asking you to pair accessories. This time it shows a face-down wallet graphic that matches the one you bought. They will ask you if you want to use Find My and then you go to the races.

When the wallet is paired with your iPhone, it will automatically notify you whenever you remove the wallet. To the right of the lock screen you will see the last address where he was present and the time of separation. You can even see the wallet in the Find My app. It can give you directions to the last location like AirTag, though without any proximity features.

If you want, you can enable a “show phone number” that will give anyone who attaches a wallet to the iPhone a notification with your phone number. The person who found your wallet can then contact you directly. This is similar to how AirTag can display your contact information when it is found. Unlike the AirTag, the MagSafe wallet is displayed in the “Devices” section of Find My. It is not considered an “item”, but is treated more like AirPods.

I ran around New York all week and the phone kept me informed every time I took out my wallet to make a card purchase or show my ID. The addresses that Find My assigns to each wallet removal are also really accurate. They are not close to speculations, they are almost completely correct every time. Only a few times did the wallet write down an address in the neighborhood or across the street.

The obvious drawback of this wallet is that it cannot be tracked like an AirTag. I really wish Apple had just built AirTag technology into your wallet so you could use the proximity features and see a consistently accurate location. With the current implementation, if your wallet is stolen, you will probably not be contacted again. The Find My features of the new MagSafe wallet are designed for you to lose or forget that, not when someone steals it.

The new MagSafe wallets are now available in-store and online. They still cost $ 59 and come in 5 new colors: golden brown, dark cherry, redwood green, midnight and wisteria. The new wallets are compatible with all MagSafe iPhones, including the 12 Series.

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