Research reveals Apple salaries for engineers, developers and more

A new survey by Business Insider has revealed a range of salaries paid to Apple employees in disciplines such as software development, design and engineering working on products such as its best iPhone, iPhone 13 and more.

From Thursday’s report:

All U.S. companies must disclose how much they intend to pay foreign workers when applying for visas. This can be seen in the data published by the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. A new third-quarter series was recently released, revealing information on nearly 1,000 Apple work visas and shedding light on how much the company pays for certain roles. The data have limitations, such as the lack of grants for shares that can significantly increase the total fee. Still, it provides a valuable guide to Appleā€™s salaries for positions such as software developers, electrical engineers, computer and information systems managers, and statisticians.

BI says wages mostly come from workers in California, Texas and Washington, along with a few others from New York, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina and Illinois. The highest total salary had a prominent engineer in California who earned $ 350,000, and the lowest stated salary was $ 106,500. Here’s a snippet of the software developer’s salary:

  • Systems Software Engineer (45 candidates): $ 128,200 to $ 220,000
  • Software Development Engineer (35): $ 132,000 to $ 239,871
  • Machine Learning Engineer (30): $ 135,000 to $ 250,000
  • Test Software Development Engineer (6): $ 137,275 to $ 186,110
  • Production Services Engineer (5): $ 150,000 to $ 160,000
  • Application Software Development Engineer (5): $ 173,835 to $ 194,105
  • Firmware Software Development Engineer (5): $ 125,000 to $ 205,108
  • AR / VR Software Development Engineer (4): $ 120,000 to $ 246,000
  • Machine Learning Researcher (4): $ 154,061 to $ 211,300

Other salaries listed include electronics engineers, application software developers, industrial engineers and more. You can read the full report here.

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