Reddit reveals the best announcements, AMA sessions, live broadcasts and more in 2021.

Reddit unveiled its most successful announcements, live broadcasts and AMA sessions for 2021, while also sharing new data on overall in-app engagement growth as it continues to expand its reach potential and build its ad offering.

First, in terms of overall growth – from now on, Reddit serves about 52 million daily active users, who are active in over 100,000 subreddit communities. These communities can be very niche, and with its highly engaged user base, Reddit can be a powerful link for some of the most passionate and interested people from around the web.

Indeed, in terms of direct engagement, Reddit conveys that for the whole year:

  • The total number of posts increased by 19% to 366 million
  • Total comments rose 12% to 2.3 billion
  • Total support votes rose 1% to 46 billion

Sometimes Reddit’s data is a bit awkward in this regard, with a platform that chooses certain times and measures to highlight, as opposed to a broader, more comparative perspective.

For example, in its 2019 performance review, Reddit reported that it served 430 million active users per month, and then changed its focus in the 2020 review, reporting 52 million active users per day. The two figures are not comparable, making it difficult to get a clear perspective on whether and how the use of the platform is actually growing.

The data here provide a more direct, annual comparison of engagements, which is a little clearer. And while growth statistics aren’t great, Reddit’s number of engagements was also affected by its subreddit cull in the middle of last year, which eventually led to the deletion of thousands of communities from the platform.

With this in mind, Reddit’s growth is pretty solid, and as noted, the platform can provide valuable reach to highly engaged, focused communities, which could be very valuable for the right brand and campaign (s).

In terms of content, the Reddit posts that received the most attention during 2021 were, not surprisingly, now the infamous r / wallstreetbets, which are waging a war against stock market manipulation.

As you’ve probably read, a campaign organized via r / wallstreetbets has seen investors buy out Game Stop shares as part of an effort to punish hedge funds that sought to reduce stocks. That pressure is still ongoing and has attracted a lot of attention, both from Redditor and those outside the app, which is what we have seen that subreddit has gained a lot of attention and interest, even from financial regulators and authorities, and pushed these announcements to the top engagement list.

As for Reddit’s ever-popular AMA sessions, this conversation with a lobster diver who survived that the whale swallowed it was the AMA with the most votes this year:

The discussion with Bill Gates was the next most popular AMA, where Gates faced many interesting issues.

Reddit has also sought to make a bigger shift in video, as it seems to be moving in line with broader industry trends, and as part of that, is giving more presence to its live RPAN broadcasts, which have proven to be an interesting place. for many users.

The most popular RPAN broadcasts of the year were a live view of a hive in action and a duck laying eggs.

RPAN bees live broadcast

There is definitely something soothing about beehives, which is worth a look if you have free time and just want to let your mind work on the car.

As for general topics, Reddit says so cryptocurrency, games, sports, weddings and health and fitness were the five most watched topics of the year.

It’s an interesting mix, which once again highlights the diversity of content on the platform, and could also highlight new opportunities for brands and retailers who may want to take advantage of these niche elements and interests.

On that front, as stated, Reddit continued to expand its business, opening new offices Canada, Australia, i Germany, while the already mentioned controversial choice of content also played a role in creating a space that is more brand-friendly, even if it seems to have had an impact on overall usage.

Which is actually a major issue not covered in Reddit statistics. The Reddit press page currently says that Reddit has 52 million active users a day, and it is noted that this number was last updated in January 2021.

This could mean that we will see an update next month, which would be a more relevant measure of overall growth, through listed engagement statistics and topics that could help provide more perspective on certain elements that could help you decide if the platform could be right. for your field program.

You can view Reddit’s year-round review here.

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