Reddit breaks down the math about how the new MacBook Pro saves them money

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After initially claiming that a fully charged new MacBook Pro would save Reddit money and engineering time, the company has broken down the numbers to show when the shift will pay off.

Just as Uber and Twitter gave their engineers fully loaded M1 Max MacBook Pro models, so did Reddit. Reddit personnel engineer Jameson Williams explained in detail how the company came to its conclusion – and why the new machines make such a difference.

“The basic premise of the tweet was to weigh the initial cost of buying some new laptops, along with the opportunity cost if you don’t,” he writes. “For starters, I estimated that the average Android engineer spends 45 minutes waiting to build each day.”

“We’ve noticed that the new 2021 M1 Max MacBook has completed a clean version of our Android repo half as short as the 2019 Intel i9 MacBook. [Pro], “he continued.” That means an Android developer can save about 22 minutes of build time each day. “

Williams points out that it is almost impossible to actually estimate the cost of a software engineer over the life of a project. “Let me be honest: I honestly don’t know what this is on Reddit,” he says.

However, he says he used the usual estimate of $ 150 an hour for a software engineer – not only on the basis of salary, but also “recruitment, office rent, support staff” and much more.

Reddit’s calculation of the cost of switching to a new MacBook Pro or staying with existing equipment. (Source: Reddit)

Then, there’s the price of the new MacBook Pro. “In terms of start-up costs, is offering the M1 Max MacBook for $ 3,299 without tax, shipping,” Williams says. “Taking into account postage, taxes, etc., let’s call it $ 3,500 to get a round number. So if you buy nine (that’s roughly the average team size), that’s $ 31.5 thousand. The question is: how long does it take?” to recover $ 31.5 k?

According to Williams, “we can see a pretty current point of profitability,” which for this fictional team of nine members “would happen after three months.”

Throughout Williams ’text, he looks back at the criticism he has received, including accusations of“ shilling for Apple ”.

“So, hey, let’s be clear,” he replies. “The fact is, I’m going for Reddit.”

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