Razer’s Smart Home app syncs all your RGB lighting

Screenshot from Razer YouTube video

A clip from one of Razer’s past promotional videos for Philips Hue integration. This isn’t related to Razer’s announcement of a smart home app, but it certainly looks like the vision ahead!
Screenshot: Razer / YouTube

I admit: I use Razer mechanical keyboards for games and his smart lights to create a bit of aesthetics ~ in my office. And people like me are the reason why Razer launched a smart home app for your Chroma RGB lighting ecosystem.

Not a bad idea. After all, Razer made a name for himself black peripherals to play with decorated with superb, colorful RGB lighting. Razer plans to unite them accessories, including smart bulbs and lighting fixtures from other brands, in its new smart home app.

Razer already has planned integration with more than 50 hardware partners and 200 games. And independent smart light brands have already signed contracts, including Nanoleaf, LIFX, Yeelight, Monster and Twinkly. Razer hopes his announcement of CES 2022 will encourage more companies to get involved.

The Signify Philips Hue, one of the most popular ecosystems of smart light bulbs, is especially missing. There is a native Philips Hue bridge integration via Razer’s Synapse PC software for existing Razer users, which syncs your bulbs with the lights on the game keyboard.

Screenshot of the Razer Smart Home app

Razer’s smart home app looks like a light-only controller.
Screenshot: Razer

Razer’s Smart Home app looks like a proprietary version of the Philips Hue app or even a Google Home tailored to gamers. However, all we need to do is take a screenshot of the main page of the app. I see shortcuts for creating rooms and making routines, but it seems to be limited to lighting. Razer says its smart home app comes with 16.8 million colors and a package of lighting effects.

Razer’s peripherals and accessories, as well as its Chrome RGB platform, are all designed to work in tandem to help create the mood before you kick your ass on your computer. I think it would actually be easier to do that with the Razer smart home app than to use Google Home, which currently has no support for changing colors and patterns on Razer lighting fixtures.

Depending on how the Razer Smart Home app connects, this could also make it easier for those who don’t have the “keys” of a smart home, or so to speak, to create custom lighting scenes without administrator access. I contacted Razer to ask if the light sync feature would be extended to all of his lighting devices, such as CPU fans and keyboards, which would bring some seriously deadly aesthetics.

Look, I wanted to think this was stupid, but it actually seems that it might be useful if you design the whole look of the lighting for your gaming settings (or your office, however, without judgment). And, hey, at least it sounds fun.

Razer plans to launch a new smart home app for Android and iOS in the first half of this year.

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