Raised credit rating, manufacturing in India, Intel-based Mac, SEC rejected proposal

Apple stock news: Moody’s has raised Apple’s bond to the highest rating

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Apple Stock News: Moody’s Investors Service upgrades Apple Inc.’s long-term credit rating on Aaa, which is the highest possible credit score in the US market. Moody’s analyst Raj Joshi said that “the improvement in Apple’s rating on Aaa reflects the company’s exceptional liquidity, strong earnings that we expect to continue to grow over the next 2 to 3 years and its very strong business profile,”

Moody’s said: “Apple’s financial policy of transitioning to a net neutral position of ‘overtime’ and its allocation of capital after US tax reform means it will ‘maintain an extremely strong liquidity profile for the next 3 to 5 years.’

According to Bloomberg, it is also on track for what both the company and analysts predict will be Apple’s most lucrative quarter to date, with revenue in the first quarter of 2022 probably around $ 118 billion. However, that is not as strong as it could have been, considering that Apple says that the income will be affected by at least 6 billion dollars due to the lack of supply of chips. While investors seem optimistic about the company’s long-term prospects. Several Apple bonds trade at lower yields than U.S. Treasury bonds with the same maturity, indicating that investors see little or no credit risk with the company’s debt.

India will start mass production of the iPhone 13 in February


According to MacRumors, Apple will see the start of production of India’s leading iPhone 13 early next year, thanks to Foxconn’s Chennai plant. Mass production will begin in February, and the Foxconna plant is planned to supply the domestic market with controlled demand, with about 20-30% of iPhone production destined for export.

According to Taiwanese Apple vendor Pegatron, they will share “iPhone 13” mini orders with Foxconn, producing the smallest model at their own factory in Chennai. With the addition of the iPhone 13 series to its Indian production plans, Apple will produce nearly 70% of iPhones sold domestically locally.

Apple continues to launch an Intel-based Mac during the transition period


Although Apple is transferring its Mac line from Intel’s processors to Apple’s own silicon, the collaboration between Apple and Intel has not come to an end. Apple still has at least one new Mac Mac that features an Intel chip. Although Apple’s silicon has proven to be a worthy competitor to even some of Intel’s best portable processors, it seems that Apple is still not confident enough to switch the “Mac Pro” to Apple’s silicon.

Apple’s silicone chips run on a completely different architecture than Intel-based Macs. On Apple silicone Macs, Apple uses Rosetta 2 to automatically and seamlessly translate applications made for Intel computers to run on Apple silicone. While the Rosetta 2 works for most customers, Apple may want to endure a little longer to ensure that translation technology is more mature before allowing its top professional and most demanding customers to use it.

Apple Stock News: Apple’s offer to reject shareholders’ proposals was rejected by the US SEC


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected an offer by Apple Inc. to exclude a shareholder proposal that would require the company to inform investors about the use of non-disclosure agreements and other concealment clauses.
Therefore, unless Apple has to prevent an agreement with the activist, or Apple will have to face a vote on the proposal at next year’s annual general meeting.

Apple said it was its policy not to use concealment clauses, however, at least one former employee disputed this and filed a whistleblower complaint with the securities regulator.

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