Quick disassembly offers a first look at the interior of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models

Apple’s 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are finally in the hands of customers, and one Reddit user opened his own to give us a first look at the interior of the 10-core 14-inch machine.

14-inch MacBook Pro

In addition to sharing some great photos of the interior, Reddit user the_Ex_Lurker also shared some thoughts on the process of getting into the new MacBook Pro.

The opening of the new MacBook Pro “seems identical” to the 2016-2012 MacBook Pro models, with Apple using pentalobe screws and buckles that need to be dealt with to get inside. The battery is not glued and instead is held in place by sticky iPhone-style pull-out tabs to make battery replacement easier.

macbook pro disassembly 2

14-inch MacBook Pro

The deck keyboard is part of the unibody so it won’t be easier to replace it than existing keyboards, and the I / O ports are modular and should be relatively easy to replace. Inside the 14-inch model, there’s a dual fan as well as a 16-inch model, and the fans are slightly larger than the fans on the old 13-inch MacBook Pro, but smaller than the fans on the 2016 15-inch model.

Leaker L0vetodream also shared some pictures in the crash of the 16-inch MacBook Pro model on Twitter. He said the M1 Max chip is “really big,” with a top-down view that shows dual fans and a heat pipe. The translation of the original tweet is below with more details.

Macbook pro 16 inch for downloading lovetodream 1

16-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max disassembled first. The area of ​​the new M1 Max chip is really large (see 1 yuan coin size comparison) The RAM is divided into four particles stacked on the chip to dissipate heat is a dual fan + one heat pipe total modularity. the interior design is regular and maintenance is relatively convenient. The one we have is the 1T top-of-the-line version (the highest configuration in the non-customized version).

Both the 14- and 16-inch models look similar on the inside with two-fan settings and a set of six batteries, along with redesigned speaker systems.

16-inch macbook pro teardown lovetodream 2

16-inch MacBook Pro logic board

We should get a more detailed download later this week from the iFixit site, which will give us additional information about the two machines.

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