Quest handset owners can record VR game using their phones

The Reality Labs meta unit is introducing the latest major software update for Quest and Quest 2 before the end of the year. And it’s the one you’ll want to download as soon as possible because it adds some handy features.

One of them allows you to capture yourself while in a game or app. If you own a VR headset, you’ve probably seen videos like the one above where you can see how the game is physically played. Before today, you needed special equipment to take shots from that mixed reality perspective. With the new update, you can use your phone instead.

Reality Labs

Sure, the end result isn’t as sleek as the video above, but you can still get an idea of ​​how the games love it Beat Saber play in the real world. You will need an iPhone XS or later with iOS 11 or later to use the new mixed reality mobile camera. With today’s release, a dozen games support this feature, including ,, Pistol Whip i Synth Riders.

The update also includes a number of features that Meta said will arrive “soon” at its Connect conference in late October. For starters, you can now use the Messenger app on the Quest and Quest 2 headsets. This feature allows you to not only invite other Quest users, but you can also invite your Facebook friends.

Sharing Reality Labs applications

Reality Labs

Starting today, some games will also allow you to back up your saved data in the cloud. The feature may not be available on your headset immediately after downloading the update. This is because Reality Labs says it is introducing it at a slower pace to make sure it is working properly. In addition, it is an option for developers, so not every game supports it even after it is widely available. While not new to the Quest platform, today’s update also removes the experimental tag that was applied to multi-user features and app sharing that were introduced earlier this year.

Finally, although not directly related to today’s update, Reality Labs plans to introduce new customization options in Horizon Workrooms in the coming weeks. For starters, you’ll have a choice between multiple virtual office environments and the ability to decorate the space with custom posters and your company logo.

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