Protect your precious MacBook with these slim cases from SwitchEasy

Don’t carry your MacBook without a holster. It’s just not a good idea. SwitchEasy has several new offerings that bring elegant protection while adding color. There’s an EasyStand case for the MacBook and a case for the MacBook SwitchEasy Thins.

Plus, the EasyStand case supports your laptop for more ergonomic typing.

The MacBook case just makes sense

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t carry your MacBook “naked”. First of all, you would be very sad if you scratched the outside of your notebook. A thin case like the ones offered by SwitchEasy wraps around every edge, side and corner of your computer and is ideal for preventing scratches that can occur in ordinary life.

And while the MacBook is a beautiful piece of the kit, the silver and black exterior looks pretty much like any other Apple laptop. Add some color to your computer – the EasyStand MacBook case comes in midnight blue, brown or black. The SwitchEasy Thins MacBook Sleeve is available in black.

If you regularly walk in public with your macOS notebook, you may not want to tell everyone that you have a $ 2,000 computer at hand. Think of the sleeve as camouflage.

Also, the aluminum exterior looks beautiful, but it is also a bit smooth. The case adds a bit of texture.

Case and stand in one

The SwitchEasy EasyStand case for MacBook has all these advantages, plus it also supports one edge of your computer.

It’s only a few inches, but that’s enough to tilt the keyboard for easier typing. And lifting the laptop leads to better airflow and cooling.

Get the SwitchEasy case today

These are fresh additions to the Cult of Mac store. The SwitchEasy Thins MacBook Sleeve is available in black, in versions that fit 13-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch MacBooks. It sells for $ 49.99.

Buys from: Cult Maca

The SwitchEasy EasyStand MacBook Carrying Case comes in blue, brown or black. There are also versions for the 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook. The price is $ 49.99.

Buys from: Cult Maca

Consider some other products from this accessory manufacturer, such as SwitchEasy MagSkin for iPhone or its Apple Watch bracelet,

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