Protect your AirTags with style with great deals

Apple’s AirTag trackers are great. With one small device at a time, you don’t have to worry about a lost wallet or misplaced keys.

However, these circular devices are almost useless for most applications if you don’t add AirTag accessories that hold the tracker in place. You could always stick duct tape on your backpack and claim it was shabby chic, but … yes, no. Luckily, we currently have a few fun cases and accessories specifically made for AirTags on sale, so you should take a look.

AirTag accessories for sale

Apple sells its own AirTag accessories, but they of course cost an arm and a leg. This is where third-party manufacturers come in that offer similar quality at far lower prices.

With this range of AirTag accessories, you can tailor your tracker to your lifestyle. They make it easy to attach AirTags to keys, a bag or anything that is most precious to you.

AirTag Pendant Holder – $ 14.95 (regular $ 29)

This high-quality silicone case will protect your AirTag while it is attached to the keys or glued to the bag. Easy to remove but hard to drop, this bag fits perfectly for backpacks, computer bags and key chains.

Buy now: Get an AirTag pendant holder for $ 14.95 (regular $ 29) for a limited time.

AirTag Protective Case – $ 14.95 (regular $ 29)


This AirTag case is a great way to protect your AirTag tag, and at the same time give yourself a nice little key ring. The carabiner attaches easily to keys and backpacks, and the solid material keeps your AirTag free of scratches and scuffs, while blending in with any aesthetics.

Buy now: Get an AirTag protective case for $ 14.95 (regular $ 29) for a limited time.

AirTag Leather Keyring (4 Packs) -49.95 USD (Regularly 60 USD)


Skin goes with everything, including convenient devices that allow you to keep track of where your belongings are. These lightweight, durable cases come in green or brown vegan leather. Sturdy, without interfering with the connection of your AirTag and visually appealing without distracting you, these leather key fobs are a great choice.

Buy now: Get four packs of AirTag leather keychains for $ 49.95 (regular $ 60) for a limited time.

HyperGear AirCover Silicone Loop for AirTag (4 Packs) -19.99 USD


These non-stick silicone covers have a classic Apple look and feel. Simplified and highly functional, these bags are lightweight, easy to carry and come in a multicolored four-color package.

Buy now: Get four packs of HyperGear AirCover silicone loops for AirTag for $ 19.99 for a limited time.

Hypergear AirCover: Vegan Leather Pendant for AirTag – $ 16.99


This vegan leather case looks great and will protect your AirTag without signal interference. Put the AirTag in place and use a stainless steel carabiner to attach it to anything you want to be washed.

Buy now: Get the Hypergear AirCover: a vegan leather keychain for AirTag for $ 16.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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