Prosser: The Apple Watch Series 7 arrives in mid-October

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be delivered in mid-October, and pre-orders will begin “as early as next week,” publisher Jon Prosser claims, citing “familiar with the release” sources.

Apple unveiled the “Apple Watch Series 7” at the September “California Streaming” event along with the iPhone 13 models, but then said the new Apple Watch would be shipped later in the fall.

There was no official information on when the 7 Series will be available, but most Apple Watch 6 Series models have been sold out in the United States for weeks. Rumors say that the “Apple Watch Series 7” was delayed due to production problems caused by the complexity of the device, which delayed mass production.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in early September that Apple had resolved production issues and that production would grow in mid-to-late September.

Prosser says Apple has begun “informing reporters” by inquiring about review units to expect more information about the 7 Series “in the coming weeks,” with no other information available. Prosser has mixed records when it comes to information leaks, especially with predictions of launch dates, so this information should be viewed with some skepticism.

Still, mid-October is a reasonable assumption and time frame for the launch of the WatchApple Watch Series 7‌, especially since we are still expecting another event this year that could take place in mid to late October.

The “Apple Watch Series 7” did not experience the design changes we expected, including the flat-edged design that Prosser described earlier this year. There is a redesign with a larger screen, thinner edges and new 41mm and 45mm options, but the overall curved design of the Apple Watch remains the same.

The WatchApple Watch Series 7‌ does not have new health tracking capabilities, but Apple has improved durability and added a fast charging feature. Prices for the WatchApple Watch Series 7‌ will start at $ 399.

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