Problems with iOS 15 continue as iPhone 13 owners report CarPlay crashes

The long list of issues that have arisen in iOS 15 continues to grow as iPhone 13 owners report new issues with CarPlay.

Some say they can’t play songs in Apple Music or third-party apps like Spotify without a complete system crash. There are some fixes you can try, such as disabling the equalizer if it is active, which could fix the problem.

CarPlay music playback broken in iOS 15

Users seem to discover new bugs in iOS 15 almost every day. Since the update was released almost two weeks ago, it has caused problems with touch input, home screen widgets, unlocking using the Apple Watch on the iPhone 13 and Apple Music when restoring from backup.

And just when you thought it couldn’t be worse, another bug raises its ugly head. The latest, widely documented by iPhone 13 owners on Twitter, the Apple Support Communities forum and other online platforms, prevents users from playing music on CarPlay.

“I upgraded to the iPhone 13 and now the music doesn’t play using CarPlay when I use Spotify or Apple Music,” one user explained on the Apple forum. “When I click on a song using either Spotify or Apple Music, my CarPlay app shuts down.”

“It happened to me too. iPhone 13 Pro, ”replied another. “CarPlay is completely broken for me, via a USB connection to the 2019 RAV4. It worked great with the iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 15, but it won’t work at all with the new phone. ”

There may be a repair

Why does Carplay stop working as soon as I try to play music on my iPhone 13 Pro Max? I tried in several different cars, restored the phone and restored the settings to the car and still nothing. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible @AppleSupport

oh wow, so try to play any music, even from different apps, while using CarPlay causes CarPlay to crash! It’s the super cool new feature of the iPhone 13 that makes you drive quietly with your thoughts!

@AppleSupport I love the brand new iPhone 13 pro, but I have big problems like many others with CarPlay that don’t allow me to play music. Open the music application and it crashes immediately

Some users have tried to remove their vehicle from CarPlay and set things up from scratch, but the problem still exists. However, there are other steps you can take that could resolve this issue until Apple provides an appropriate solution.

One is to disable the EQ function or equalizer (within Music section Settings application) if you have enabled it. The second is to reset all network settings on your iPhone. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open up Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Touch In general.
  3. Touch Reset.
  4. Select Reset network settings.
  5. Enter the confirmation password.

However, keep in mind that when you do this, your iPhone forgets all the saved Wi-Fi networks and any VPNs you set up.

‘Widespread question’

One affected user on MacRumors Apple’s support forum reportedly said this was a “widespread issue” and that the fix “could appear in a security update in the near future.” However, Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge the problem.

It’s pretty confusing that so many problems occur in iOS 15 and the iPhone 13. Apple’s biggest software updates in the past haven’t been without problems, but this seems like a particularly problematic release – and that’s not what fans expect from Cupertino. .

Let’s hope we see software upgrades that make iOS 15 and iPhone 13 much more stable – and soon.

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