Prices Apple Watch Series 7 girls before ordering

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Rumors on Thursday claim to shed light on the prices of the Apple Watch Series 7, with information on purchase cost details that are largely identical to those of the Apple Watch Series 6.

Citing sources familiar with the subject, hit publisher Jon Prosser claims to have a price list for a number of Apple Watch Series 7 configurations. from $ 399.

Apple seems to be transferring its pricing strategy from the Apple Watch Series 6, with $ 529 aluminum models for 45mm variants with mobile capabilities. Stainless steel versions start at $ 699 for 41mm models, and go up to $ 749 for a larger 45mm case size. The Apple Watch with a titanium body retails for $ 799 and $ 849, respectively. Apple Watch Hermes is not on the list.

Of course, connecting a watch to a non-standard belt adds price. For example, the stainless steel model with the Milanese Loop has a $ 50 premium over the standard Sport Band.

Apple’s price list selection, according to Prosser:

  • Aluminum 41 mm (GPS) 399 USD
  • 45 mm aluminum (GPS) 429 USD
  • 41 mm aluminum (GPS + mobile) 499 USD
  • 45 mm aluminum (GPS + mobile) 529 USD
  • 41 mm Nike (GPS) 399 USD
  • 45 mm Nike (GPS) 429 USD
  • 41 mm Nike (GPS + mobile) 499 USD
  • 45 mm Nike (GPS + mobile) 529 USD
  • 41 mm stainless steel with sports belt (GPS + mobile) 699 USD
  • 45 mm stainless steel with sports belt (GPS + mobile) 749 USD
  • 41 mm stainless steel with Milan loop (GPS + mobile) 749 USD
  • 45 mm stainless steel with Milan loop (GPS + mobile) 799 USD
  • 41 mm Titanium (GPS + mobile) 799 USD
  • 45 mm titanium (GPS + mobile) 849 USD

Amazon Canada unveiled a small selection of standard pairs of cases and strips from the Apple Watch Series 7 made of aluminum and stainless steel on Wednesday. The combinations listed do not include Apple Watch titanium, Apple Watch Hermes or Nike configurations and are likely to reflect what third-party vendors will have on hand when orders are announced tomorrow.

Apple is expected to offer a wider choice of pairing cases and bands through the Apple Watch Studio, a custom-made tool that is exclusively featured in the company’s store. Here, customers can be expected to find a full range of Sport Band, Sport Loop, Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, Leather Hoops, Modern Buckles, Milanese Loop and Stainless Steel Connections.

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