Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 7 begin Oct. 8, the official partner says

Prices start at $ 399.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 7 will finally be available for pre-order on October 8, according to one of Cupertino’s official partners. Hermès is telling customers via email that they will be able to secure their new smartwatches.

Jon Prosser from Cover page technique, which has decent results when it comes to rumors about Apple, also claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available for pre-orders “as early as next week,” and delivery will begin in mid-October.

Apple Watch 7 available on October 8?

On September 14, Apple, along with the iPhone 13 and the latest iPad models, unveiled its latest smartwatch. Unlike other devices, however, the Apple Watch 7 did not receive a pre-order or launch date. Apple simply said it was “coming later this fall.”

Now it looks like “later this fall” could be October 8, just a week from today. French luxury goods maker Hermès – Apple Watch’s official partner from the start – has apparently spilled the grain.

“The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available for pre-order from October 8, 2021,” Hermès told users “in multiple emails,” according to AppleTrack, who says he “privately confirmed” their validity.

Prosser also published an article on Thursday citing several sources familiar with the subject, who said the Apple Watch 7 “pre-orders could happen as early as next week and delivery in mid-October.”

Steel and titanium are also available

Prosser also said that versions of the Apple Watch 7 made of stainless steel and titanium will be open for pre-orders of the same date. The stainless steel models will be in silver, graphite and gold. Titanium models will be available in “natural” and space black. For now, there is no word on how much it will cost.

If the Apple Watch 7 will be available for pre-order on Oct. 8, Apple should hear something next week. The new device looks almost identical to the 6 Series, except with a slightly larger screen and faster charging.

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