PopCase Review: Finally a MagSafe holster for PopSocket fans

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As longtime PopSockets skeptics, the new PopCase had to do something to convince us that it was worth decorating our phones. Surprisingly, this in itself was convincing evidence. Does not make sense.

PopCase is PopSockets ’new iPhone case that retains what many liked with the eponymous add-on, but adds more compatibility and functionality.

It starts out as a fairly standard case. Covers all enclosure sizes, including full bottom coverage – no port. It wraps only slightly around the face of your phone, so when you place it face down, your phone screen will not come in contact with the surface below.

There are plastic buttons located above the buttons of your iPhone on both sides, both for the volume switches and for the side button. These buttons are separated from the housing, which allows them to move freely. Because they are independent of the case, they are extremely tactile and sensitive like real metal buttons.

The cases come in multiple colors, including the turquoise and sheer version we have here.

Sliding handle

What makes this case so unique is the built-in PopSocket on the back. Unlike a typical PopGrip that sticks to the back of your phone and isn’t specifically designed for constant scrolling, this one is built into the slide rail on the back of the phone.

Use PopCase as a stand vertically or horizontally

While sliding, it can sit in the middle and be used to lift the phone horizontally – to watch movies or play games as a pair of examples – or to slide to the bottom and be used to lift the phone vertically. When vertical, it makes a handy stand to see your phone, take a video, take a selfie, or make a FaceTime call.

MagSafe support

Of course, another advantage of PopSocket sliding down is that it provides support for MagSafe or Qi wireless charging.

iPhone 13 Pro on Belkin BoostCharge MagSafe stand

iPhone 13 Pro on Belkin BoostCharge MagSafe stand

To get a quick note, there are some versions of PopCase that don’t work with MagSafe so be sure to choose a compatible model if that matters to you. However, even a non-MagSafe version supports Qi wireless charging.

When we pushed PopSocket to the bottom, we could use almost any MagSafe device we had. We were able to mount it on our tripod with Moment tripod brackets. We could attach it to most of the MagSafe stands we had, such as the BoostCharge from Belkin.

Using Apple's MagSafe pack

Using Apple’s MagSafe pack

Of course, it also worked manually with the standard Apple MagSafe pack. Everything was kept safe and could be recharged without any problems.

Interchangeable PopSockets

As these are PopSockets, the tops can be replaced as you wish. By pressing the case and turning it counterclockwise, the top of the PopSocket will be released. You can then take the second top and set it in place with a small turn in the opposite direction.

Replace the cover of your PopSocket

Replace the cover of your PopSocket

PopSockets has a growing selection of designs available, literally hundreds and hundreds. There are metal enamels, those that are snowballs, pressed flowers and piles licensed by Disney, Marvel, Coca-Cola and others.

Should you buy PopCase?

Our initial problems with PopSockets were twofold. We didn’t like that they couldn’t be removed and that they were more or less attached to your phone until you were ready to throw it away, and we hated that it forbade you from using MagSafe or wireless chargers. The new PopCase fixes both of these problems.

Added grip from PopSockets

Additional grip with PopCase

It is difficult to find fault with this case. PopSockets add extra functionality that you might not otherwise get. Use it as a stand in any orientation, with an additional handle to hold the phone and prevent it from falling. Continue to use MagSafe mounts and chargers.

The biggest drawback is because PopSocket is still on the bottom of your phone, so some chargers may not work. Those from Native Union or Nomads who are metal plates would be on the way. All other MagSafe chargers will work quite well.

If you’ve been hesitant about PopSocket or you might be a big PopSocket fan, but want the opportunity to have even more functionality, check out the new PopCase.

  • Support for the latest iPhones
  • Works with MagSafe mounts and chargers as well as Qi chargers
  • The PopSocket clip can be removed
  • PopSockets can be modified to suit your style
  • Protective case design with very tactile buttons
  • It can serve as a vertical or horizontal stand for the iPhone
  • You can’t use a MagSafe wallet with this stylish purse
  • Certain MagSafe carriers can still hit PopSocket

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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