Poll: Would you ever consider going back to Apple’s wired EarPods headphones?

For more than five years, Apple AirPods have been successful. Although more and more young people are starting to wear the company’s EarPods headphones again. Would you ever consider going back to old wired headphones or are AirPods the best solution?

Apple’s wireless headphones have always been a thing for the younger generation. Twenty years ago, with the iPod Classic and rounded headphones, on the street you could only tell by looking at the headphone wire whether someone had an Apple product or not.

Then, more than a decade later, Apple re-imagined the success of its wired headphones with the newer EarPods headphones. Launched with the iPhone 5 in 2012, they included a remote control and a microphone. And not only that, their sound also got a very noticeable improvement.

A few years later, Apple decided to remove the headphone jacket from the iPhone, and thus EarPods started with the Lightning connector. But since it became so embarrassing to be unable to listen to the song while the phone was charging, users decided to invest the money in AirPods.

Switch to Wired EarPods to Wireless AirPods

As the owner of the first generation AirPods headphones – and then AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro – it was a real pleasure to have a seamless experience of connecting wireless headphones in just a second to the iPhone – something that got even better with the second version.

And besides, although AirPods cost a lot more than any regular EarPods headphones, because I had them for a long time without breaking and I could listen to songs whenever I wanted, Apple made me forget to wear EarPods at all.

But now, five years and three AirPods later, I’m also going back to wired EarPods just because they’re very handy.

Vintage style: wear EarPods as a cool thing

Although I’m still very much in love with AirPods, wearing EarPods sometimes just makes things easier. For example, from time to time you just want to be aware of your surroundings while listening to a song, and EarPods are invincible for that.

Not only are you aware of your surroundings, but you will also be able to talk better with someone with a wired headset during a call without being bothered by people on the street.

As my colleague Parker Ortolani noted, WSJ he recently wrote an article about the return of EarPods headphones and thinks this is an act of rebellion by the younger generation:

I have always thought that it is inevitable that once AirPods are fully democratized, the younger generations will consider them non-cool. We’ve seen this happen over and over again with other technologies, and the most popular reference is Facebook and its now much older demographics. So, yes, wired headphones are on trend again. But what does this mean for industry and culture as a whole?

As you can read the entire Parker article here, one question that constantly bothers me is: do people really think about going back to Apple’s wired EarPods instead of staying with AirPods?

If you think about it, EarPods are cheaper and sound good, but at the same time they are very uncomfortable to use when charging the phone, and they also don’t have new audio features like ANC and Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio

That’s why I’m asking you: would you ever consider going back to Apple’s wired EarPods? Are you already doing that? Vote in the poll and share your opinion in the comments section below.


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