Poll: Are you planning to repair your iPhone yourself now?

Apple announced a big announcement on Wednesday in which the company revealed that for the first time it will offer parts for iPhone to users interested in do-it-yourself repairs. The Self Service Repair program will be launched for the first time in the United States in early 2022, but 9to5Mac wants to know if you now plan to repair your iPhone yourself with this upcoming change.

Apple has never been friendly when it comes to third-party repairs. Devices like the iPhone, iPad, and even Mac have most of the parts soldered to the logic board, and they also use special screws and adhesives that make the repair process difficult for anyone who isn’t a certified technician.

The company has always discouraged “unauthorized” repairs by limiting some functionality on devices where parts have been replaced. In September, independent repair shops reported that Face ID had stopped working on iPhone 13 models that had been replaced with a screen – but fortunately, the company is also lifting such restrictions.

In recent years, not only repair shops, but also users have been seeking what they call the “right to repair,” which has even resulted in bills trying to force technology companies to facilitate “do-it-yourself” repairs. Apple users will no longer care.

Apple says the initial phase of the program will give customers access to genuine Apple parts and tools for the most commonly serviced modules, such as the iPhone screen, battery and camera. The company says “additional repairs will be available later next year.”

Details of the program such as parts prices are not known, but the company has also said it will expand it to more devices and countries in 2022.

Now with this option, would you consider repairing your own iPhone at home using genuine Apple parts? Or would you still rather take it to the Apple Store or an authorized service center? Contact us in the polls and comments section below.

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