Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to get Pokérus and why you want this virus

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There are many hidden secrets and rare things within the Pokémon sword and shield like hidden abilities or complex ways that certain Pokémon evolve. Honestly, these rare things are part of what makes these some of the best games on the Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokérus is one of these rare occurrences. It sounds awful, but it’s actually a positive thing to catch. Here’s everything you want to know about the Pokérus virus, including how to infect Pokémon.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Poker: What is?

Pokérus is a super rare virus that your Pokémon can infect in Sword and Shield. In fact, your Pokémon has a 1 / 21,845 chance of generating a virus. Therefore, it is less common to catch a virus than to catch or hatch an ordinary shiny Pokémon.

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However, unlike human viruses, it is good when your Pokémon catches this one. This causes the Pokémon to get twice the effort (EV) value of the fight. For example, a Pokémon with Pokérus can get two Attack EVs, not the one they usually get. This is a wonderful thing for hardcore Pokémon trainers as it allows you to fully EV train your Pokémon in just 10 minutes.

The virus first appeared in Gen 2 with Pokémon Gold and Silver, but was incredibly rare, even more so than now. Starting with the 4th generation with the advent of trade around the world, it became easier to spread the virus through the internet. Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokérus is easier to acquire and expand than in previous generations. You can get an infected Pokémon at the store, cure an infected Pokémon by breeding, or get lucky that the Pokémon generates an infection on its own. Just keep in mind that this virus does not last long.

How to give your Pokémon Pokérus

Pokemon sword and shield trading

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Your Pokémon has very little chance of randomly generating a virus after coming in contact with an infected wild Pokémon. However, since Pokérus is highly contagious, your Pokémon is more likely to get the virus from the store. If you put an infected Pokémon in your group, it has the potential to spread the virus to any Pokémon nearby after the battle.

Moreover, if you replace an infected Pokémon with someone, the virus can also be transmitted to that trainer’s Pokémon. So if you have a few friends who all play Sword or Shield, you will surely want to replace an infected Pokémon if one of you gets it. Finally, Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokérus can switch to eggs. You can grow infected Pokémon in a nursery in hopes of infecting its offspring.

How is Pokémon cured of Pokérus?

Since Pokérus is not technically a status requirement in the game, you cannot cure an infection with items or by going to a Pokémon Center. The condition is automatically reset after four days and, similar to chickenpox, when your Pokémon is no longer infected, it will never be able to catch Pokérus again.

Poker Pokemon sword and shield icons

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Every infected Pokémon in your group automatically starts the healing process when a new day starts on your Switch or when the internal clock on your Switch switches to a new day. This means that if you turn off the game one day and turn it on the next day, your infected Pokémon will begin the healing process.

Pokémon with a virus will have a Pokérus icon next to their statistics when you look at them in their boxes. You will know that the Pokémon has been cured of the virus because the Pokérus symbol will only be a face that will no longer have an “X”.

How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus

  1. While the game is on, press X button to run the menu.
  2. Select Pokémon icon.

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: Pressing Y Pokemon Sword and Shield

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: Select the Pokemon icon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield menuSource: iMore

  3. Press R to get into my boxes.
  4. Hover over Pokémon in your party or in your boxes. If infected, a pink face with an x ​​through it will appear in the box to the right next to the Pokémon species.

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: By pressing the R button on the Switch

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: Hold the cursor over the Pokémon in your boxSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore and iMore

  5. If you want to see a little more information, Press A.
  6. Then go to Check the summary.

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the switch by showing: Press the A Pokemon Sword and Shield button

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: Select Check Summary Pokemon Sword and ShieldSource: iMore

  7. If you have an infected Pokémon, he will say the word, “poker” next to the tagging option.

    How to know if your Pokémon has Pokérus in Sword and Shield on the Switch by showing: The Pokerus symbol appears below the Pokemon information Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Source: iMore

Now that you know how to check for viruses, you will surely want to go through all the Pokémon in your boxes to see if you were lucky enough to get an infected Pokémon.

How do I prevent Pokémon from being cured of Pokérus?

Fortunately, if you put your infected Pokémon in a box instead of having it in your party, it effectively puts the virus on track for an indefinite period of time. So you can pull out a Pokémon to infect others and then put it back in the box before turning off the game on that day to make sure it stays infected. Something to note is that even after Pokémon is cured, it continues to earn twice as much EV than before whenever it engages in battle – it’s simply no longer contagious.

Alternative to Poker

Pokemon vitamins can be purchased in the Expansion Pack for the EV train

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If you haven’t been able to find a Pokémon with Pokérus, there are other ways to quickly EV train your Pokémon. This process has become easier over the generations of games. Our complete EV training guide describes how you can train your Pokémon in an instant.

You can also quickly train Pokémon with vitamins such as Protein, Carbos and HP Up. EV vitamins are quite expensive, but you can make more money than you will ever need with Gigantamax Meowth.

Vitamins are also more affordable on Armor Island. Once you upgrade your Dojo to the Isle of Armor, you can buy all the vitamins in bulk. You can take 25 of any vitamin for 125,000 pokedola.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokérus: I have to infect them all!

Now you know all about the Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokérus virus. If you are lucky, you will either cure an infected Pokémon, get it in a store, or randomly make one of your Pokémon generate a virus. Good luck with your EV training! I hope you will be able to get all the statistics you want from your Pokémon.


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