Pokémon Gengar Chair, Figuarts Mando Luke

Super7's Ultimates TMNT Party Wagon, Pokémon Gengar Chair and Bandai's SH Figuarts Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s weekly excuse to get down in a Gengar-shaped chair and read the latest toy and commodity news. You don’t have a Gengar armchair, are you sorry? Well, the good news: this is the week for you! Especially if you like it too Mandalorian toys, expensive turtle vehicles and more. Check it out!

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SH Figuarts Mandalorac Luke Skywalker and Moff Gideon

Previewed as part of Tamashii Nation’s 2021 oonline ivent, Mandaloracpresence in Star Wars The Figuarts line gets a big boost in the form of not one, but one two figures that are not in beskar armor! Rejoice, even if one of them is still a little armored as what seems to be 90% of Bandai’s favoritechoice of rites for Star Wars figures lately. That armored option is, of course, Moff Gideon, who will come with Darksaber, as well as a blaster gun and a cloak made of articulated material. He is joined by Luke Skywalker as he appears in the shocking climate scenes of the season, along with a hoodie and the like. articulated cloak, an updated sculpture of the head representing Luke’s appearance in Mandalorac, and, of course, his lightsaber, along with a blade with an action effect that shows him in motion. Details on accessories, pricing, or the release window are not available for these numbers, but expect them to decrease sometime in 2022. [The Fwoosh]

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Lego Black Panther, Wolverine and Iron Man Mech Armor

This isn’t Wolverine’s first Lego minifigure, but this time the Marvel snorting hero is upgraded with a robotic mechanism that includes some of the largest adamantian claws we’ve ever seen. 141 pcs Wolverine Mech Armor the set is combined with 124 pieces Black Panther Mech Armor set and 130 pieces Iron Man mechanical armor set; all three will be available for $ 10 starting January 1 next year.

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Super 7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates!! Party Wagon

Cowabunga! or should we say, guardian, because Super7 has finally given its Ultimate! -scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles represent the perfect ride with the appropriate scale Party Wagon from. With over 20 inches long and a meter wide, the vehicle can actually accommodate six Ultimatefigures in! -scale and includes all the features and accessories it had in the classic TMNT animated series. The door opens, the windshield opens, the roof opens, and there is a side door that opens like a “Foot Tenderizer.” All large tires are made of real rubber, and in addition to bombs and weapons, the Party Wagon even has a winch with a real steel chain. That explains why this thing is $ 450. Pre-orders are available now, but delivery is does not occur until fthe whole of 2022.

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Star Wars Life Day Plush Chewbacca

There was a time when Lucasfilm used all his power to bury not only Star Wars Holiday Special, but all indications of an event made for TV even existed. You still can’t find it on any streaming service (although copies aren’t hard to find online), but Disney decided that the special wasn’t so bad, so he took advantage of his prominent Day of Life celebration with an official unofficial holiday – November 17 – and new goods for the Day of Life. Everything is as forgetful as the holiday offer, but this $ 23 Life Day plush Chewbacca he stands out with a face with a grimace that deserves to be turned into a meme.

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Lego Iron Man Figure

It’s been more than two years since Iron Man was killed in the Marvel cinematic universe (spoiler warning: don’t read what you just read if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame), but you wouldn’t know that the character has disappeared given Disney’s seemingly endless marketing pressure from Iron Man. We still get countless numbers, appearances in video games, and now ia A 9-inch Lego model that can be built arrives Jan. 1 for $ 40. The set of 381 pieces creates a figure with a large number of articulations, but its best feature is the arched reactor in Stark’s chest that glows thanks to the LED Lego Light Brick implanted in Iron Man’s back.

DinoGlows: Reversible plush dinosaurs that glow in the dark!

Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from fossils, and is as exciting as the opportunity to one day visit real life Jurassic Park perhaps seeing tall dinosaur skeletons in museums is still an amazing experience for young and old. Womple Studios may have just come up with the perfect souvenir at the museum gift shop DinoGlows: plush dinosaur toys that turn upside down to reveal an anatomically correct-like-plush-toy-can-be a luminous version of the skeleton of the same dino. That’s another smart way sneak a little learning into the game, and a version of the triceratops can be pre-ordered via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with a promise of $ 35, while delivery is expected as early as April 2022. Currently, the campaign is several thousand dollars less than its $ 12,000 funding goal, but if it goes above that, the DinoGlow stegosaurus will be added to $ 18,000 and T. rex of $ 24,000.

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Pokémon Plush Lucario in life size

If you like Pokémon as much as you hate uncluttered living space, you can now add a Lucario in life size to your collection of stuffed pocket monsters. About four feet tall, Lucario seems to have a basic ability that seems limited to his arms that wrap around his shoulders. He is able to stand on his feet with the help of a Pokémon tail that supports him, and while pre-orders will be available until December 16, a $ 400 collector’s item won’t actually arrive by the end of May 2022, and only in Japan unless you find a way to import it into your country.

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Pokémon Gengar Sofa

We are beginning to suspect that Pokémon could take a look at Ikea because by following pieces of furniture based on Ditto and Snorlax, tired trainers can now fall into this Gengar Sofa which is filled with a mixture of polystyrene beads and urethane foam. In other words, it will swallow you up like a chair with a bean bag, but that’s assuming you are either in Japan and willing to spend about $ 230, or you can find someone willing to send it outside of Japan, which will probably cost you a lot more than $ 230.

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