PJ Soles Halloween star about Michael Myers and the scene of her death

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Halloween Kills it contained many hints of the 1978 original Halloween, return characters from that revolutionary film to examine how they have been treated for the past 40 years. But one favorite character to fans didn’t pass, for obvious reasons: Lynda, played by PJ Soles, who experiences her death at the hands of Michael Myers while talking to her close friend Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) On the phone.

In a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Soles looks back at some of his formative films (and shares the anecdote that she almost got the role Star Wars). Of Halloween, she recalls not wanting Lynda to die because she had so much fun making the movie. “I knew it was my last scene, so as I dropped out of the frame, I just grumbled. John [Carpenter] I had to say ‘cut, ‘ because I wouldn’t stop! I didn’t want it to end. It was three weeks of pure joy. Jamie was 19 and Nancy Loomis [who played Annie] was the same age as me. We all looked so young then. Lynda was a great character to play with because I was a real student and I certainly didn’t smoke or have a boyfriend. So it was nice to play it. ”

Nick Castle—Who returned to play Michael Myers for key moments Halloween KillsWas the man behind the mask for Soles’ death scene. “For the first shot, he tickled my neck with a telephone cable. We made three movesSoles recalled.At least for the first two times, I’m not very good at dying. I kept telling Nick, ‘You’re going to have to pull back a little harder. ‘ He was like, ‘I don’t want to hurt you, ‘ and I said, ‘You won’t hurt me. I should die, and you’re tickling my neck! ‘ So he did it a little harder. I had to act a lot. ”

Soles had something to say about the fact that Linda subsequently faced her downfall having fun with your boyfriend-who also becomes a victim of Michael’s murderous ways. It is a selection of stories that soon became a trope slasher film. I’d rather be known as a girl who says ‘Totally’ all the time, ”she said. “[We were] really just good kids. We were just kidding! We didn’t deserve it. “

The whole interview, which mainly focuses on Carrie, worth reading; head to Yahoo Entertainment to check.

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