Pixel 4 XL vs Galaxy Note 10 Pictures: HDR, portrait, night shooting

Our last battlefield is the most important shot in low light night mode, or Night Sight, in Google Pixel speech. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a starry night to shoot with Google’s new Pixel 4 astrophotography feature. However, we did have access to some beautiful property in front of the lake with cloud cover, heavy fog and great ambient light coming from a nearby industrial park and street lighting.

The first thing that is obvious is that the Pixel 4 XL captures a much quieter scene with less noise. Plus, the deep purple shades of the night sky look more natural here in Pixel rendering. In addition, the trees tend to be better described in detail, but to be honest, the lighting could have been a little different with the traffic in the area, randomly illuminating the street. Water reflections also look better on the Pixel 4 XL shot, with better color vibrancy. Surprisingly this time around, the Pixel 4 XL captures better color detail and balance, compared to the slightly more muted Galaxy Note 10+ display.

Finally, the biggest interest for us here with this comparison is how dramatically different each phone gives the final image output. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 goes straight in color and pop with less regard for precision, sometimes to error, while the Google Pixel 4 XL is sometimes too conservative in an effort to portray it accurately.

No matter how they leaned in this shooting, there is no doubt that smartphone photography has come a long way. Both of these high-end Android phones can take great photos. Moments and memories you can capture with the simple touch of a pocket supercomputer can be incredibly vibrant and detailed with some of the latest technologies available. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we have recalled so many times in these comparisons. So anything that suits you, well, whatever works for you. Follow our full Google Pixel 4 XL review in the days ahead.

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