Pinterest shares new insights into Halloween search trends

Halloween is just around the corner, and as the introduction of the vaccine continues to gain momentum, it seems that the event will provide new opportunities for people to gather and once again celebrate in person, continuing the traditional elements of the ‘spooky season’.

And if you want to formulate an effective approach to your Halloween marketing efforts, these new insights from Pinterest could help. The platform has released a new overview of the best Halloween search trends it sees so far in the app.

And people really seem to be getting ready for the big Halloween this year.

According to Pinterest:

“Searches that contain Inspiration for Halloween ”were 3 times bigger in August this year versus the latter. The Pinners have begun plan much earlier i searches accelerated – searches containing “Halloween” began to grow in the second week of May (compared to the fourth week of May last year), and increased 3.5 times faster compared to the same period last year. “

Given the growing momentum, it might be worth tying your marketing efforts to the event.

So what are the trends that Pinterest sees?

This year’s Halloween theme is dedicated to aesthetic fantasies expressed in metallic and vivid shades. The aesthetics that became popular during the pandemic had a costume element that could take off this Halloween, much like the girl from VSCO who took off as a costume last year. ”

YouTube has also noticed a rise in aesthetic trends, with users looking to create a community around specific niches and layouts.

And according to Pinterest, it looks like these elements will dominate Halloween this year:

  • fairy costume aesthetic (+ 76x)
  • home wardrobe for witches (+ 11x)
  • clown core (+ 2x)
  • wooden elf costume (+ 5x)
  • evil mermaid costume (+ 4x)

Pinterest also notes thisRetro Halloween aesthetically“Is the overall most popular term related to Halloween (+ 76x), which could see some of your old favorites coming back to the streets just for one night while”vintage halloween decor”(+ 3x) also increased.

“This includes classic decor like ghosts, black cats and witches and Frankensteins, and posters or banners that look like they’re from another time, like black and white pictures of Halloween parties from the ’20s.”

And while pumpkin carving remains popular, apples are on the rise as a key food of the season.

  • cider cake (+ 4x)
  • country bread with donuts (+ 4x)
  • recipe for apple dumplings (+ 3x)
  • enchiladas apple pie (+ 3x)

If you want to stay up to date with the latest Halloween trends, Pinterest can be a great resource, and you can use Pinterest’s Trends tool at any time to keep up with the latest shifts.

There’s certainly a lot of potential here, and aligning it with where people are watching could help ensure that your Halloween connection is a hit.

You can read more about Pinterest’s Halloween trends here.

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