Pinterest is testing a new vertical scrolling feed in full screen to detect pins

Pinterest seems to be the latest social networking app that wants to lean on the trend of scrolling, vertical content loading inspired by TikTok. ‘Watch’ mode tested for pin detection.

As you can see in this example, posted by the user @KenSchillinger, the new full-screen detection option includes a “Browse” and “Clock” screen, with “Browse” mode being the traditional Pinterest search feed, and “Viewing” mode switching to a TikTok-style presentation, from the pin for videos and photos displayed in the vertical scroll bar.

We contacted Pinterest for comment, which made the following statement:

We are always testing new products and features to inspire our Pinners community ideas, while creating more ways for creators and brands to reach a global audience intending to try out new things. “

Pinterest did not provide any specific information about this test, or how many users can access the summary of the content. But again, TikTok’s popularity seems to inspire even more UX choices in more apps, as platforms tend to move in line with emerging usage behaviors and maximize engagement.

Which makes sense. TikTok is the most downloaded app every month for almost two years in a row, and its growth momentum is unlike any social app we’ve seen in the past. This has led to completely new interactive processes and prompted Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat to build their own TikTok-like summaries of content as they seek to stay in touch with audience changes.

In that sense, it is logical progress for Pinterest to at least try the same. I mean, if the app has visually aligned content, and they know that people are increasingly looking to watch them in a vertical feed in full screen, why not give them a way to do so, with the goal of maximizing user engagement.

It could be a small test, and it could fall, but again, it seems like a sensible experiment – and since Pinterest is already aligned with the social story trend (through idea pins), it also fits into the app’s more progressive approach to development.

Will this help people discover more content through Pins and encourage the development of the platform as a tool for e-commerce exposure? We will keep you informed of any progress.

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