Pinterest is launching a new team to accelerate product and feature development

As Pinterest looks to the next phase of e-commerce and facilitates product discovery, the platform today announced the launch of TwoTwenty, a dedicated team engineers, designers and content and product experts who will focus on testing and launching new ideas for the platform.

As Pinterest explains:

“Ideas come from all over the company through Makeathons and a submission portal called‘ Idea Factory ’. TwoTwenty will then embark on research, prototyping and testing to identify traction characteristics. After experimentation, these incubation ideas are produced on a large scale and passed on to other teams within the company.

So, it’s essentially a dedicated project team, somewhat similar to Facebook’s NPE team, although focused on testing new tools and features in the app, as opposed to researching the NPE team in brand new apps.

The idea is that the TwoTwenty team will be able to test and launch new projects faster, providing Pinterest with a permanent Makeathon team that will continue to repeat and experiment based on the latest trends and ideas.

Pinterest says TwoTwenty’s first research was with live events for creators, which it developed based on feedback from creators and Pinner. It eventually became Pinterest TV, which it officially announced earlier this month.

It also relies on growing interest in live trading, which is already high in China. The popularity of live shopping among Chinese consumers has led Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook (or Meta) to try out their own live shopping projects to see if they can generate more interest.

Compliance with this broader trend suggests that TwoTwenty will track more than just feedback from Pinner, with overall changes in the industry that are likely to guide its direction in building new tools and add-ons.

It will be interesting to see what the team develops in response and whether Pinterest sees it moving even faster in terms of the latest trading trends and tools to make the most of its buying potential. Pinterest has already reached its weight in visual detection, and as video becomes an increasingly important element of the platform, TwoTwenty could play a key role in strengthening its options and providing greater opportunities to connect with the brand.

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