Pinterest is announcing a second “Creative Festival” event to present key trends and tips

For the second year in a row, Pinterest will host its annual Creator Festival next month, where the platform will present its latest features, highlight key usage trends, provide tips for involving Pin marketing experts and more.

As Pinterest explained:

With content and themes inspired by the creators, [Creators Festival] will present internationally recognized talents, top emerging creators, Pinterest executives and special guests, who will announce the latest product creators, opportunities and experiences. ”

The Creator Festival provides an opportunity for Pinterest to present its evolving vision of the platform, through new tools and upcoming add-ons, while facilitating networking among Pin creators,

Pinterest experienced a huge increase in usage during the pandemic as more people searched for browsing and online shopping, and in light of this Pinterest now wants to add more features and formats to accommodate this change and increase engagement while having people’s attention.

Among his key additions in this regard were Idea Pins, Pinterest’s form Stories, relying on broader trends in the use of social media, and he also drew inspiration from TikTok, with a limited test of the new, full screen, vertical pin feed that calls ‘Watch’ mode.

Pinterest viewing mode

Pinterest also looks set to extend the move with a new feature called ‘Takes’, which, similar to TikTok’s remix option, will allow users to provide their own video response to the Idea Pin.

According to Pinterest:

Taking is an idea pin that is created in response to another idea pin. The recordings appear as responses to the original Idea Pin and can also be seen on your summary of content from the people you follow or on your profile. ”

This could give users the opportunity to share their personal experiences with the product or respond to the Idea Pin recipe clip as their own efforts turned out. It could also add context for creating instructions and other Pin formats, which could make it a valuable addition.

Pinterest is currently testing Takes with a small group of users, with details of the option to be announced as part of the Creators Festival.

Since announcements like this should be on the agenda, it could be worth adjusting, and as the holiday season approaches quickly, it could also provide some final notes of inspiration for your campaigns.

Pinterest Creator Festival will host local time for audiences in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany and France on October 20th. More information can be found here.

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