Pinterest adds new shopping options, including brand profile details and sponsored idea pins

Pinterest continues to expand its e-commerce offering, with a range of new opportunities to buy and display brands, providing retailers with more ways to connect with Pinners and increasing their capabilities.

First, Pinterest is adding a new ‘Slide Show Projections for Collections’ promotion option, which will original products from your uploaded catalog “into an automatically generated collection-grabbing ad.”

As you can see here, the new Slideshow for Collections ad unit will appear in the stream in relevant searches, helping to reach people who have already shown interest in similar products.

When touched, the unit then expands into a more concentrated collection of your products, all automatically generated based on your inventory.

Pinterest presentation collections

This option will provide more ways to reach customers at the right time, while also displaying related products to help you increase your sales opportunities.

Pinterest is also adding new details about trademark brand profiles, which will allow companies to present their values ​​in the app.

Pinterest brand profiles

As Pinterest explained:

“[Merchants can] display brand values ​​such as “responsible source”, “invested in good” and “inclusive” on your profile. You can also highlight communities you belong to, such as “owned by blacks”, “owned by Latinx”, “owned by women”, “owned by LGBTQ +”, “owned by people with disabilities”, etc.

This provides another way to enable stronger brand connectivity, especially among socially conscious, younger customers who are increasingly looking to buy from brands that are in line with their values.

Pinterest is also expanding its Verified trading program, which highlights companies that meet Pinterest customer service guidelines and guidelines for linking to a brand with a verified check mark in the app.

Launched last year in the U.S., Pinterest’s Verified Merchant program ensures that more and more companies link their product catalog to the app, while also adhering to Pinterest user response standards.

Pinterest has been constantly expanding the program, and companies in several regions can now apply for the blue tick.

“[The Verified Merchant Program] it is now available in several other countries, including Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Verified retailers get improved distribution on Pinterest, as well as a special “verified” badge that helps build Pinner’s trust. “

Which is probably the key value here – verified traders too ”become eligible for increased distribution within purchasing experiences and benchmarks such as conversion reporting “, next to the official marker.

It might be worth researching – here you can find out more about Pinterest’s Verified Merchant program.

Finally, Pinterest is also testing a new sponsored content option for Idea Pins, which is Pinterest’s understanding of the Stories format.

Example pins for ideas

“By upgrading our comprehensive Idea Pin format, we are testing Idea Ads with a paid partnership. This new format is a joint partnership of creators and advertisers. The creator creates the Idea Pin and marks the brand partner. Since then, the advertiser can promote the Idea Pin as an ad for the idea. ”

Sponsored pins for ideas are displayed with a creator profile picture, along with a “Paid Partnership” tag to reveal the relationship with the brand.

Pinterest is testing a variety of Idea Pin options, inspired by the latest trends on social media, including advanced video creation tools, improved sharing capabilities (i.e. sharing a pin for ideas on Facebook and Instagram Stories with the Pinterest brand) and TikTok-like remix functionality.

The format provides Pinterest with a whole new canvas to work with, and it uses it to engage with newer content trends to expand its appeal and connect with a wider audience that wants to shop through stories and find relevant products and inspiration.

Sponsored idea pins will also, importantly, provide Pinterest with another way to help creators make money and get paid for their efforts, ensuring the continuous advancement of higher quality games.

This could be a good option for your promotions – here you can find out more about promoted pins for ideas.

Christmas is gearing up to become a key period for Pinterest, with more people shopping in the app, more often and becoming more platform-oriented to more easily identify key trends and find the latest items that are relevant to them.

Indeed, Pinterest says active Pinners are 7 times more likely to be the most influential platform on their shopping journey, compared to social media networks, while Pinterest customers have 85% larger baskets than those in other social apps.

There’s a reason why Pinterest has experienced a huge increase in usage in the midst of a pandemic, and although its growth has slowed somewhat this year, Pinterest will hopefully be able to extend the latest shopping trends to common behaviors, helping it move forward.

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