People are protesting against CSAM on iOS in front of several Apple stores in the US

Even after Apple announced that the Child Sexual Abuse System (CSAM) to be implemented in iOS 15 would be delayed, some consumers are still unhappy with the company’s attempt to check for such content in iCloud. Protesters are now gathering in front of several Apple stores across the United States, demanding that the company never implement CSAM.

The report comes from Fight For The Future, which shows photos of people outside Apple Stores protesting against the CSAM system. People there have posters with messages asking for “There is never spyware on our phones.” The protests take place hours before Apple announced the next-generation iPhone and Apple Watch on Tuesday.

The night before tomorrow’s launch of Apple’s iPhone 13, the company faces protests at its retail outlets across the U.S. Organized by Fight for the Future, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a network of volunteers, the protests are demanding that Apple permanently reject their dangerous proposal to install malware to scan photos and messages on the devices of millions of people.

According to the group, protests were organized in several cities, including Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Aventura and Houston. People at the protest claim that if Apple continues with its plans to implement CSAM in iOS, it will have “huge consequences”.

Apple’s new child safety features were launched with updates for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey later this year. Given the controversy this feature has caused among users, the company has decided to delay the implementation of CSAM. There is no information on when the company plans to introduce this system on iOS and iCloud.

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