Penny pinchers turn broken MacBooks into hot commodity

According to Twitter user DuanRui, “More and more people are buying a MacBook Pro without a screen to use as a Mac mini.”
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A MacBook with a broken screen can seem like a nightmare scenario. You’re stuck with a computer you can’t use and a repair bill that can easily exceed $ 600. But it turns out, for some people, a MacBook without a screen is actually the perfect machine.

A true “bring your own monitor” Mac

The idea makes sense when you really think about it. The Mac mini is a tiny computer that can fit almost anywhere, and connects to an external display, keyboard and mouse. Using a MacBook without the display takes that a step further, providing both the keyboard and trackpad – all you need is the display.

More and more people are buying a MacBook Pro without a screen to use as a Mac mini. Not only does it have a trackpad and keyboard, but it also has better speakers, and the main price is particularly affordable.

What’s even more fun about these machines is how reminiscent the device is to the Apple II (sans CRT monitor). Simply plug in a monitor (or connect it to your TV) and you’re ready to go with your new (used) Mac. As rumors of Mac built into a keyboard begin to swirl, it seems these clever recycles have beaten Apple to the punch.

Another great option for a MacBook with a broken screen is to use it in clamshell mode. While you don’t get to take advantage of the built-in keyboard, trackpad, TouchBar or Touch ID, it can be a great way to get a powerful Mac mini alternative.

Either way, it just proves that a broken screen isn’t the end of the road for your computer. It does cut down on the portability of the machine, but if you’re looking for a unique and affordable way to update your desktop setup, this might be a great way to do it.

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