Peacemaker John Cena explains his character as a suicide squad

A clip of a Suicide Squad poster with the image of Peacemaker John Cena holding a gun while birds fly behind him.

Image: Warner Bros.

From the various freaks and anti-heroes who are stuck Suicide Squad,, Peacemaker John Sene he hoped the audience would like Warner Bros. the most. Director James Gunn got a spinoff series for the character before the film is even released, and DC Fandome next weekend will give us our first full look at the great antifaro. But in the meantime, here’s a new video who digs after that killer carrying the head of a toilet bowl.

Gunn described it as “toxic masculinity in the most toxic cases” and “showering Captain America who would shoot a child “, Cena, the video will not tell you anything new. If you watched Suicide Squad, you know she wears tight-fitting dresses, fiercely arguing with Bloodspot Idris Elbe about who is better and likes to kill people. At the same time, it is interesting to see Son openly discussing how messed up his character is. “He’s socially awkward … something as simple as a uniform hitting his head that this guy has trouble confirming,” Cena says. “This man honestly thinks he’s a hero and wants his peacemaker logo everything. ”

Although the video mostly talks about how fucked up the Peacemaker is, it also takes time to praise Cena’s comedy as a comedian. Gunn calls it the best improvisation he has ever worked with, and David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man) called Cena’s comedic talents his true superpower. As Steve Agee (King Shark) remembers, Cena found time to learn the piano while they were recording. He also had to learn how to cut people with a sword while wearing heels, as is done. Gunn said earlier that he felt like a peacemaker. “had much to learn”After the event in Suicide Squad film. He wouldn’t be the first not-so-good guy to turn over a new leaf, but given how weird and overtly killer he was in the film, his hosts might be given a certain job.

Peacemaker comes to HBO Max in January 2022. Suicide Squad will come to Blu-Ray October 26.

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