Patreon can allow you to reward creators with cryptocurrency

Patreon does not allow creators to offer crypto coins for profit, but that could change soon. TechCrunch Reports Patreon CEOs Jack Conte and Julian Gutman said on InformationThe company’s latest summit is that the company “assessed” the use of cryptocurrencies, including the previously hinted possibility of allowing “creative coins” that fans can buy to show support. You could invest in creators and reap rewards if they achieve great success or access special content reserved for coin owners.

Conte did not want to say whether Patreon has staff dedicated to crypto projects, but said that the company is “thinking about it”. The company discussed the possibility of allowing coins for creators during an online discussion in September, but was set aside as the company struggled with the implications of stricter standards for adult Mastercard content.

Gutman added that Patreon is “interested” in studying the potential benefits of NFT and related technologies for creators who want to keep their business. NFTs have increased the value of digital art, sometimes leading to millions in sales, but there are also widespread concerns about the highly speculative nature of the market and the environmental impact of blockchain-based technology.

It would not be surprising if Patreon accepts coins, NFT or both. Patreon did well despite the early pandemics and raised $ 90 million just a year ago, but there is no doubt that the service is trying to please as many creators as possible. The new cryptogram stance could appeal to content producers who currently have to go somewhere else if they want to pursue technology.

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