Owners of the iPad mini in 2021 report strange flaws on the screen

Does your iPad mini have similar problems?
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It seems that “moving jelly” is not the only thing that bothers some iPad mini screens in 2021. An increasing number of users are going to internet platforms to report strange flaws on the screen that include discoloration and distortion.

“Lightly press the screen and you’ll see distortion and discoloration,” wrote one user on Reddit, who was replaced by the original 2021 iPad mini because of this problem, and then discovered the same problem on another device.

Is the Liquid Retina screen of the iPad mini not so perfect?

“On most models, this will happen in three places along the top of the screen,” the same user said. They claim they took their device to the Apple Store where Genius discovered the same problem on the demonstration units.

“He was very surprised and he mentioned that I should watch out for the recall – he said he wouldn’t be surprised to have it.”

The problem may have something to do with the iPad mini screen being pushed towards the components below it. “You can clearly see the speaker tucked into the LCD when you press on both sides,” another user wrote.

“I also experience this in my unit,” added another. “You might be interested to know that I’m also experiencing a much more serious, rather bright, similar color change in the shape of a cross.”

It’s not a common question … yet

This does not seem to be a widespread problem among iPad mini owners in 2021. Others tried to repeat the problem on their units and reported that their screens seemed perfectly fine. But the list of complaints is growing.

It’s not clear what exactly causes color change and distortion, or why it only seems to affect certain iPad mini units. Apple is unlikely to comment on this publicly, but we asked a question.

This is the kind of problem that Apple usually wants to solve right away with a replacement device. So, if you are experiencing it on your iPad mini, we recommend that you visit your local Apple Store to replace the device.

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