Oral-B new brushes work with the iPhone to give you cleaner and healthier teeth

Oral-B adds three new toothbrushes, which were unveiled this week at CES 2022, to its smart iO line that all work alongside your iPhone to give you cleaner and healthier teeth.

With features such as real-time feedback, pressure control, multiple brushing modes and the ability to track your brushing habits, iO4, iO5 and iO10 brushes promise better plaque removal and improved gum health.

Oral-B iO brushes are paired with the iPhone for brushing insight

Toothbrush manufacturers have been producing connected toothbrushes for several years and with each iteration they are getting better at doing their job… towards toothbrush manufacturers.

Oral-B’s new iO line is the most advanced to date, and the iO10 is the star of the show. Using iOSense artificial intelligence, it aims to be your all-in-one oral health trainer to help keep your mouth cleaner than it has ever been.

The iO10 does everything you’d expect from a smart brush, such as tracking your brushing habits – including pressure and coverage – and offers tips for better cleaning. There are also seven different ways to brush.

In addition to regular daily cleansing, there are options for intensive cleansing, whitening, tongue cleansing and gum care. There is also a mode that offers easier touch for those with sensitive teeth.

iO4 and iO5 will be more affordable

Oral-B has yet to confirm the price or release date for the iO10, but you can sign up for updates via its website. The price of its predecessor in the United States is just under $ 300.

If it’s a little more expensive for you, you might want to take a look at iO4 and iO5 – both will be priced below $ 100. They pack similar iO technology, but with fewer options.

All brushes with the Oral-B app for iPhone to show you insight into brushing and cleaning tips.

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