Opera launches R5 browser update for Mac with Pinboards for sharing, floating video calls and more

Opera today released a major update for Mac, Windows and Linux with the launch of its new R5 browser. Key features include shared Pinboards, a new pop-up user interface for more flexibility with video calling, integration of four more streaming music services and more.

Opera announced the launch and detailed a new update to R5 in a blog post today:

In the last year and a half, we have all seen how the use of the web is changing and how much more we have relied on our browsers. According to a study we conducted, 65 percent of people spend more time online in the last year and a half. Two-thirds also spent more time online during their free time. Our latest major release deals with changing patterns in the way we use the internet with a range of features that support your key online activities: from video conferencing through entertainment to sharing ideas with others and getting feedback about them.

Simply put: We offer smart ways to improve your online life.

Taking a page from Pinterest, Opera R5 (version 77) got Pinboards for saving, organizing, and sharing (the whole thing) with others. You can save web pages, images, links and notes to the new Pinboards. And when they share a link to Opera with other points, they can access it from any device.

Pinboard sharing involves simply sharing the link, and those with whom you share can see all pinboard owner posts as well as respond with emojis.

Another great feature of Opera R5 is the floating pop-up for video calls.

Those who spend many hours on calls are too familiar with video conferencing that takes up their entire screen. We also struggle with finding a meeting card after looking at something on another card or simply distracting attention.

The new video call pop-up feature works with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft teams. Here’s how it works:

The video conferencing pop-up ejects the video from the card and holds it above the other cards. This happens automatically when you switch to another card, and the video returns immediately when you return to the original call card. Behavior can be adjusted in the settings. This makes it easier to perform multiple tasks so you can stop juggling cards during a call. There’s also a smart option to make the floating window transparent, giving you both more screens and constant contact with people on call.

Apple Music and Spotify integration were available at Opera, but with R5, it extends to Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal and Gaana.

Other new features include new wallpapers that are designed to work well with dark and light modes. Take a closer look at Opera R5 in the video below. The new update is available for Mac and more for free on the Opera website here.

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