Offers: Get one month of Disney + for $ 1.99 this weekend only (new subscribers and returning subscribers)

Disney kicked off its “Disney + Day” today in an effort to promote new content coming to the streaming platform. Event presentation is a discount on $ 1.99 for one month Disney + for new subscribers or returning subscribers.

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This sale is valid until this week, November 14 at 11:59 PM PST. Anyone currently subscribed to Disney + is not eligible for this offer. Those who enroll will be charged $ 1.99 for the first month and then $ 7.99 for all subsequent months, but you can cancel before that time.

Similarly, we’re following a few Disney-related sales on the OtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone case on Amazon, offering early Black Friday prices for a number of extras. Many of the holsters are priced at $ 47.99, down from $ 59.99, and will be launched on Black Friday.

otterbox vacation boxes

There are three different designs, including one with Mickey and friends around Cinderella Castle, and two depicting Walt Disney World park icons. The designs are in celebration of the resort’s 50th anniversary, which began last month.

Be sure to visit our Offer Overview to buy even more Apple-related products and accessories, as well as our Black Friday Review to prepare for the event later this month.

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