NVIDIA RTX GPUs demonstrate huge productivity gains @ Adobe MAX

Adobe is currently holding its (virtual) Adobe Max conference to discover a number of new features of Adobe software and where creative professionals can share strategies to improve and optimize their workflow.

Among these innovations I find new masking functions powered by AI for Lightroom and Lightroom Classic most interesting, especially since NVIDIA RTX GPUs greatly accelerate these features.

Masking can separate subjects (people) and outlines, two widespread use cases that creative users spend countless hours painstakingly performing each day. AI has been constantly improving these operations, but it has never been easier or faster than it is today.

Anything that can greatly speed up these tasks is worth a lot of money for professionals who often charge by the hour. Therefore, investment in these capabilities can be objectively quantified.

This increase in productivity is partly why high-performance GPUs are becoming even more popular, as non-gamers can benefit from this tremendous computing power and accompanying software advances.

In addition to this easy-to-understand case of using masking, Adobe also introduces a number of other GPU accelerated features, such as “Auto Reframe” (Adobe Premiere), now 3x faster on RTX GPUs. Adobe Substance 3D stager can also achieve 10X faster processing when switching from Core i9-11900K + UHD750i CPU to GeForce RTX 3080 – that’s according to NVIDIA.

We have not yet launched independent creative benchmarks for these specific applications, but there is no doubt that the NVIDIA RTX platform will easily outperform any CPU + IGP (integrated graphics processor) alternative. Reducing from 30mn to 3mn waiting time is a very compelling reason to upgrade.

NVIDIA is also constantly building its NVIDIA Studio brand, which includes Studio-certified hardware and drivers. Technically, it may not be far from classic GeForce hardware and drivers yet, but it puts the emphasis on creative application stability and can even create an economic ditch in the long run, just like the NVIDIA Quadro did in the workstation market.

Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to see how much AI improves the lives of creative professionals and how much GPU hardware can speed it up.

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