Not using iCloud? How to remove notifications “Start using iCloud” on Mac

If you’re a Mac user who doesn’t use iCloud, and you don’t want to use iCloud, you may be bothered by the “Start using iCloud” notifications and messages in System Preferences to use iCloud.

iCloud is undoubtedly useful with its sync capabilities, but if you’re not using it for any reason, you might want to get rid of the annoying iCloud usage notifications found in System Preferences and Notifications on your Mac.

Get rid of the “Start using iCloud” message on your Mac

If you’re currently signed in to an iCloud account or Apple ID, you can delete your Apple ID / iCloud account from your Mac and removing it should stop having any hassle or hassle when signing in to iCloud (unless you try to use iCloud features).

Another option is to repeatedly select the “Not Now” option from the notification. This isn’t ideal, but it discards the Start using iCloud message for a while, usually until it restarts.

Another option is to permanently enable Do Not Disturb mode, which hides all notifications, including iCloud complaints and system alert notifications

You can also remove the badge from System Preferences using the default write command, which we will cover below.

Remove the notification icon Start using iCloud in System Preferences on your Mac

Open the Terminal application from / Applications / Utilities / and issue the following sequence of commands:

defaults delete AttentionPrefBundleIDs

Restarting System Preferences should cause the red badge to disappear.

There are many users who are frustrated with this, and although there are currently no perfect solutions, the above tricks may work for you.

Thanks to the Apple discussion boards and MacRumors forums for the default write command.

If you don’t use iCloud or don’t want to agree to the iCloud terms on your Mac, do you have any other way to get rid of the annoying iCloud notifications on your Mac? Share your personal experiences in the comments.

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