Norton’s built-in Cryptominer extends to Avira Antivrus

An antivirus package that comes with its own virus

Last week, in between CES news, you may have heard that the Norton 360 security software package now comes with its own built-in crypto miner for mining Etherium on your computer. It used to be an option, but it will soon be enabled by default, and just in case you are still willing to offer them even a small break for it, now they have expanded it to Avira Antivirus, one of their affiliates.

Not only does Norton put pressure on your system in the mining of Etherium, but it takes away 15% of the top for it, although at least they allow you to keep the rest; whether you know it or not. The problem is that antivirus programs should prevent you from unknowingly mining cryptoin for others, rather than actively recruiting you for it. This may not seem bad at first glance, because they give you a control panel that shows how much money you could theoretically get if you cashed in the Etherium they imposed on you.

If you haven’t been to mining before, and those who decided to pay for Norton software may not have, it might seem relatively harmless, but that’s certainly not the case. Mining is extremely energy intensive and you will find that your electricity bill will increase thanks to Norton who volunteers you to work in the mines; my expense can often exceed the amount you earn in one day. Mining will also cause significantly more wear and tear on your components, which you should also consider because a laptop you expect to last for years can develop hardware problems much sooner than you would expect.

You can assume that Norton will monitor your usage and stop mining while you work, and then again you can assume that the antivirus program will not intentionally infect your computer, so you can expect slow performance thanks to that. It may sound strange to some, but the built-in Windows Defender has increased in efficiency by about the same extent as Norton’s efficiency has declined. Instead, you might want to try using it a little and see what you think.

If you intend to keep Norton but want to disable Miner, you will need to disable Norton Product Tamper Protection before you are able to disable Miner; they have no interest in making it easy for you.

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