Nomad makes its MagSafe base station hub compatible

Nomad’s updated wireless base station charger for up to four devices is now compatible with MagSafe.
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Earlier this year, the Maven Nomad made its popular Base Station Mini wireless charger – suitable for charging one iPhone – MagSafe compatible. He has now added magnets to another popular product, the Nomad Base Station Hub, which can recharge up to four devices at once.

Just like the Base Station Mini, the updated magnet-aligned base station hub now has built-in magnets that help align and hold devices, such as iPhones and AirPods cases, on the ground. It also helps to ensure efficient charging. You can feel the device align in place, while with a basic Qi charger you may need to set it up just to make sure it charges.

Magnetic Nomad Base Station Hub

The base station fits two devices on a surface and can charge two more via USB ports on the sides of the device.

The new base station hub is about the same as the old one, plus new magnets. It contains three filling coils under the leather base. Each can provide up to 10 W of charging power (iPhones will be limited to 7.5 W).

On the back, the charger has an 18W USB-C port and a 7.5W USB-A port. You can use them to charge other devices with a cable.

Nomad Base Station hub specifications

  • Charges up to 4 devices – 2 wireless and 2 wired
  • Up to 10W wireless charging speed (7.5W for iPhone)
  • Magnetic alignment for MagSafe products
  • USB-C PD 18W port
  • USB-A 7.5W port
  • Padded leather surface for wireless charging
  • The ambient light sensor dims the LEDs at night

The hub comes with solid aluminum bases and a 6.56-foot braided cable.

Nomad also sells an aluminum accessory that you can stick on the back of the charger holder hub for the Apple Watch (not included). You can then plug the watch charger into one of the USB ports on the back of the hub or into a separate charger.

Price: $ 119.95

Where to buy: Nomad

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