Nintendo Switch is finally adding support for Bluetooth headsets

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to a phone, tablet, laptop or console is pretty standard these days. However, when Nintendo launched the Switch, there was no support for Bluetooth headsets. Instead, Nintendo tried to be smart at it by using an app and some intricate method to facilitate voice chat in the game.

The company then defended its decision, claiming that it was because we already have our phones with us all the time, so it makes sense to use them as a medium for communication. It looks like the company could be partially back on that because in the latest firmware update, Nintendo has finally allowed Switch owners to pair Bluetooth headsets with the console.

However, before you get too happy, the Nintendo support page notes that this only allows users to pair a Bluetooth headset with the console. Note that Bluetooth microphones will not be supported, which means that even if your Bluetooth headset has a built-in microphone, you will not be able to use them and you will have to go through the app.

We don’t understand why the company doesn’t just allow a full Bluetooth microphone and headset support, but we assume it’s better than nothing. A firmware update will increase the console version to 13.0.0, so make sure you have this version before trying the Bluetooth feature.

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