Nintendo Switch adds support for Bluetooth headsets

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For a console designed to play almost anywhere, the Nintendo Switch mysteriously lacks support for wireless headphones, despite having a Bluetooth connection. You had to either connect the headphones with a wire, or connect the wireless headphone adapter. But with switch update 13.0.0 just released, the The switch finally supports Bluetooth audio device.

Nintendo of America just announced a new feature on his Twitter account as wellAlthough you assumed the company would do a bigger job around promoting additional functionality given that Switch players have been looking for native Bluetooth audio support for years. Better now than never?

With update 13.0.0 installed, new Bluetooth Audio the section appears in the switch settings menu below Controllers and sensors,, with simple Pair the device option, along with a list of restrictions that are also described in detail in a new support page on the Nintendo website. With a connected Bluetooth audio device — whether it’s a pair of wireless headphones, earphones, or speakers — the switch can only be connected wirelessly to two controllers at once. This means four-player Super Mario fun battles are out of the question. Bluetooth audio devices will also turn off if the two switches are locally connected for multiplayer wireless games.

The switch also allows only one Bluetooth audio device that can be actively paired at any one time, although it can remember connections from up to 10 different devices at once. The console also doesn’t support a microphone on wireless headphones or speakers, probably because the voice chat feature on the switch already relies on a smartphone app, and Nintendo warns that gamers may experience an audio delay depending on the type of Bluetooth audio device used. These are not insignificant limitations and is probably the reason why Nintendo did not include this functionality at launch. But with that, Switch is increasingly losing a tooth, and the holidays are over just thinking OLED switch as a new hardware option, it is an upgrade that makes the original Switch more attractive to those who have not yet purchased it.

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