Nintendo is releasing a six-button Genesis controller for the Switch, but only in Japan

Next month, Nintendo will give Switch Online subscribers the opportunity to purchase Sega Genesis games as part of a DLC package with N64 titles. And to make the experience as authentic as possible while gaming, the gaming giant also sells N64 and Genesis wireless controllers exclusively to Switch Online subscribers. The game giant showed off a three-button Genesis controller on its latest Direct stream in the west. Based on a tweet Nintendo Japan, however, will instead release a six-button version in its home country.

Nintendo confirmed that Polygon that the six-button Genesis controller will be exclusively available in Japan. A U.S. Nintendo spokesman told the publication that “different regions make different decisions based on different factors” and that the three-button model was a widely used and well-known version in the U.S. and Canada. As the publication notes, the three-button model was the first, and the six-button model was released only when fighting games became popular. Playing titles like Street Fighter it was easier with more mash buttons. Note that the Sega Genesis Mini was also introduced with a three-button controller outside of Japan in 2019, while the Japanese version came with a six-button model.

Even if you find a way to import controllers only for Japan, it might be better to wait until other players confirm that it works with consoles in your region. Nintendo does not yet have a three-button model release date, but it will refund you $ 50 when it becomes available.

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